Amid the boom in home remodeling Americans are finding a new source of comfort with electric underfloor heating. The benefits are quickly apparent to homeowners. The installation can be done by a competent do-it-yourselfer, the system provides a very comfortable source of heat that is totally silent and can be easily connected to a home automation system.

One of the biggest benefits that electric radiant systems offer is the ease that they can be installed in remodeling projects. The majority of manufacturers including WarmlyYours Nuheat and Suntouch, have a heating element that is only 1/8″, adding very little to the floor height. Electric radiant floor heating systems are mainly installed in bathrooms, kitchens and other tiled areas but more and more they are being installed in carpeted areas such as lounge rooms or entertainment rooms. WarmlyYours electric heating products can go under any flooring type, including tile, stone, vinyl, laminate, hardwood and carpet.

The systems are constructed with a resistance wire either attached to a fiberglass mesh (WarmlyYours and Suntouch) or imbedded in a solid mat (Nuheat) or just the wire strung back and forth across the floor (Easyheat and Flextherm). The system is the covered in thinset cement (for under tile applications) or with WarmlyYours mesh under vinyl, Carpet and Laminate, covered with 3/8″ of self-leveling cement. WarmlyYours has brought out a new product (UL pending) called the WarmlyYours Foil. The wonderful feature of this radiant heating mat is that it requires no cement. The foil simply goes between the underlayment and the carpet drastically saving time and money on installation.

One great benefit of an electric floor heating system is the silent operation of the system. Since the only moving parts are electrons flying through the wires the system heats a room with only the heat giving any indication that the system is on. This is particularly beneficial for rooms where acoustics is a major concern, such as home theatres and entertainment areas.

Electric floor heating systems are usually connected through a programmable thermostat that controls each individual room. These thermostats work off a floor sensor to allow accurate control of the heat. The heating systems can be connected to the home automation system by either using a non-programmable thermostat controlled by the HA system, or by directly connecting the floor sensor to the home automation system using the controls in the system to monitor the temperature of the floor.

To add comfort to any room and a touch of luxury for any remodel, electric floor heating offers a new feature for homeowners and professionals alike. For more general information go to or

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