I had recently moved to a new apartment and being that I am one of those people who can only fall asleep with the Television on, I had an issue with my new bedroom. The only place for a Television stand that was out of the way was on the other side of the room; however aside from being far away from the bed, this spot would still be blocking a doorway out to the patio. Given those options I decided to purchase a 26 inch LCD Television for mounting on the wall next to my bed. Since this Television would be mounted on a sidewall at an elevated height I needed a mount that fit my specific needs:

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1. This is a rented apartment so I can’t go knocking giant holes in the walls. Being that I am a renter I tend to move frequently, so I needed something that could be set up and taken down quickly and easily with as little damage to the walls as possible.
2. It needed to tuck tight against the wall when not in use.
3. Since it would be placed at an elevated height it needed to tilt up and down.
4. Because it was mounted on a side wall it needed to be pulled out and moved side to side.

With these specific requirements in mind I began visiting my local Electronic Superstores. In this day and age it is not difficult to find Plasma and LCD Televisions in abundance at these stores; however mounts for these Televisions are a different story. There is not a section showing different mounts, in fact in most of these stores they simply refer you to a company that can mount the screen for you. So for a Do –it – yourselfer this is a problem. After failing to find the mount I needed I began my Internet Search which led me to Chief Manufacturing. Chief is the industry leader in wall mounts and a scan through there website will surely provide you with the proper mount to suit your needs. It is very simple, select the Search by Manufacturer icon from the homepage and select the brand of your Television or Projector, then select the Type and model number. From that you will be given a list of all compatible mounts Chief Manufacturing has available. In my case it was 49 options. A click on the mount will bring you to an information page with product specifications and the information you need to make the right decision.

The Wall Mount I decided to go with was the Medium Flat Panel Dual Swing Arm Wall Mount JWD-V. The JWD-V can swing out from, or fold against, the wall depending on your ergonomic need. The mount can be tilted up and down to 15 degrees of center. The dual swing arm expands to 20 inches from the wall and tucks away nicely to just under 3 inches for a low profile appearance. The VESA 100mm/100mm Centris interface included with the mount was compatible with my LCD monitor which made this installation extremely easy. To accommodate other mounting patterns in displays the JWD-V comes with an interface bracket that accommodates a number of other VESA mounting patterns. Your Televisions Manual should tell you the mounting patterns it uses, make sure to check your mounts specifications before ordering.

For the installation only 4 tools were needed. Electric Drill and bit set, Hex wrench set (included), Phillips screwdriver and a level. The JWD-V wall mount is designed to be installed using wall studs or supporting framework. The structure to which the JWD-V wall mount is anchored must be capable of supporting five times the total weight of the mount and all attached equipment.

It is a 3 step installation and cannot be any easier. Two 3 inch lag screws attach the bracket to the wall, simply drill two small pilot holes into the wall studs and attach the bracket. The mount comes assembled and can be attached directly to your display; varieties of screws and washers are provided in the set to fit different displays. You will need some assistance for the last step, have somebody lift the display so you can fit the mount to the wall bracket, it simply slides into place and a set screw is used to secure it. Now that the Television is mounted you can organize the cables, this mount does have cable holders and the tension of the joints and pitch can be adjusted to your preference.

One item that is available that I was unable to use for this application is the MAC500 In-Wall Accessory (see photo). This fits neatly into the wall and allows your flat screen Television to fit seamlessly against the wall. I would strongly recommend this for in home applications. If you rent your property it may be a little bigger hole in the wall than your landlord would prefer.

Upon completing the project I was extremely satisfied, and after weeks of use I could not be happier with my choice of mounts. The vast selection of mounts Chief provides assures they will have the right product for you. Had I purchased a mount from a retail outlet at the time I purchased the Television my selection would have been very limited; however by visiting Chiefs website and utilizing there search tools to view the variety of Television Mounts they manufacture I was able to find the product that best suited my individual project needs.

The installation could not have been easier, somebody with very little handy man experience could easily and confidently mount there flat screen Television, and if you do have question or concerns Chief provides a toll free customer service number you can call for assistance.