The Vutec Corporation has been in the forefront of video projection screen technologies since 1977. The progress of the consumer electronics industry has since evolved into an elaborate and multi-faceted field of home theater, fashion and décor driven by technology and a growing consumer demand for more “form and function” in their daily lives. As a result of bridging the gap of form and function, Vutec developed a masking system dedicated to esthetically concealing flat panel screens -of all types- by way of a framed work of art. The system, named ArtScreen™, launched a new and decorative way to conceal technology with a true art form.

The ArtScreen system incorporates a retractable screen system with a high resolution “giclée” digital art-on-canvas print. The result is an automated retractable work of art, elegantly framed and far more visually appealing than the technology it contains. The ArtScreen system ranges in price from $2,800 to over $15,000 and in dimension from 42″ to over 110″ diagonally.

As a result of the continued evolution of this creative system, so came the introduction of its new ArtScreen “SoundScape 360™” model incorporating a sound compartment for the latest in surround sound technology. Recently showcased at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas last January.

The new sound compartment was designed to accommodate the new multi-channel surround speaker technology developed by major manufacturers including, Yamaha, Polk Audio, Mirage and Boston Acoustics. “The impressive performance of the new surround speaker panels has inspired us to create this audio solution for ArtScreen,” noted Vutec Vice President, Kevin R. Baisley. “The SoundScape 360 preserves the integrity of both room décor and the surround sound experience.”

Integrated into the ArtScreen housing, the SoundScape 360 features a fully dimensional sound compartment positioned below the plasma display, which meets all existing manufacturer’s specifications. Within the audio compartment is an acoustically lined, sound dampening interior, dedicated to preserve sonic quality, integrity and performance.

The new framed art dimension expands the image flexibility to now accommodate a greater variety of vertical art and portraits.

Vutec’s art gallery features a broad range of paintings and photography from various artists. These images are obtained, and royalties paid per individual use (digital print) to the respective artist or gallery. In addition, personal art, such as family portraits is a very popular option for the art-on-canvas graphic.

The ArtScreen system incorporates an elegant hardwood frame and retractable screen with a digital art-on-canvas print. The result is an automated retractable work of art that provides a creative, yet technologically advanced masking system for plasma/LCD displays and customized video projection screens of all sizes. When the artwork is retracted, the screen is visible for projection or television viewing within the framing. When the television is not in use, a reproduction of art or photography is displayed within the frame. Available frame options and images for reproduction can be viewed at .