Bathroom tech innovations are the in-thing these days. Everyone is raving about the modern fixtures that make the home more functional. It’s no surprise because human beings are naturally forward thinking. We are always looking for ways to improve our experiences and our surroundings. Therefore it’s no wonder that tech innovations have now found their way into our homes to improve our lives.

Benefits of bathroom tech innovations

Of course, even with loads of new high-tech bathroom designs in the market, some people are skeptical about them. If you are one of the people that like old school appliances and cannot give an ear to new technology, let me give you a few reasons to install bathroom tech innovations in your home.

Change the aesthetics of your bathroom

Gone are the days when bathrooms were drab and dreary. Bathroom tech innovations are sleek and beautiful. They will add ambiance to your bathroom and will spruce it up in a big way. The main reason for the aesthetics is that manufacturers now recognize the need for items to look good even as they offer excellent performance. They also work hard to make sure these innovations provide comfort taking into consideration the fact that a bathroom is a place we go to relax and wash away the day’s frustrations.

Improve your bath experience

Bathing in a smart bathroom is not about cleaning your body only. The hi-tech bathroom equipment in the market is designed to give you a fantastic shower experience that goes beyond washing the body. Its time that we viewed the bathroom as a spa room rather than a washroom only and smart bathroom innovations will help you achieve this and more. 

Energy and water efficient

If for no other reason, use bathroom tech innovations because they give you the chance to save energy and water. The new bathroom devices and installations are made to save energy and water and therefore are a great addition to any home. We are all looking to save a buck here and there in household expenses, and there is no better way than to use appliances that help us to cut down on costs.

Environmentally friendly

Innovators are now creating smart bathroom equipment in the market with the environment in mind. That’s why most of the items save a lot of water and energy. If you want to do your part in protecting the environment, getting smart bathroom appliances is the way to go.

Hygiene conscious designs

Bathrooms are one of the places in the home that we find lots of germs and dirt. If you are a germaphobe, then you worry all the time about the cleanliness in a bathroom. Now we have smart bathroom appliances that will take these worries away. They now use anti-microbial and self- cleaning technology on toilet seats, showers, baths, and floors to make it easy for you to keep your bathroom clean.

Upgrade and add value to your home

Lastly, tech innovations are also in demand these days because millennials and their preferences control the consumer market and they want hi-tech bathroom innovations. Most consumers that are looking to purchase houses also wish to have appliances that make it easy for them to do things and smart bathroom appliances are the answer. So if you’re going to increase the value of your home, high tech bathroom innovations are the way to go.

Top bathroom tech innovations to install in your home

Now that you have a few reasons to use high tech bathroom innovations lets look at a few of the hi-tech bathroom installations that are popular at the moment.

1. High tech faucets
Get rid of your regular taps and install high tech faucets instead. They work with sensors that allow you only to have the water running when you are using it. They have a sensor that turns the water on when you put your hand under the faucet. It helps save water and also keep you from having to turn the faucet on and off manually. 

You can also buy a faucet with a timer that allows you to set the amount of time you want your water to run. It’s great for families with kids that like to play with water and always leave the tap running for more than necessary.

2. Heated bathroom appliances
You don’t know the value of heated bathroom tech innovations until you live in a cold area and have to use the bathroom in the middle of the night. Sitting on the cold toilet seat and walking on cold bathroom tiles is not a fun experience. That’s why using heated bathroom installations in a cold area is such a good idea. It provides comfort, and in cold regions can save you from unnecessary health problems caused by exposure to cold.

Start by installing a heated toilet seat so that you don’t have to sit on a frozen toilet seat anymore. Then you can also install heated bathroom tiles that keep your bathroom floor warm no matter the temperature outside. You can even extend this to the bedroom so that you have warm tiles all around. Also, consider having heated shower racks and towel cabinets as well.

3. A spa bath and shower
Your shower does not have to be all about standing underwater, lathering soap, and rinsing your body. Now you can turn any bath or shower experience into a spa treatment. There are smart baths that come with attachments that will heighten your shower experience. Some have air jets that give you pleasant sensations such as deep massage when bathing. Others have controls to change water temperature quickly and also set mood lighting for a romantic bath. They can also have steam jets that you can use to have a steam bath. All these shower attachments can change your shower into a spa, and who wouldn’t want that?

4. Bathroom face recognition system
If you live in a household with a group of people, then a face recognition device can come in handy. Each person in the home can program their preferences into the bathroom system so that each time they want to use the bathroom they have the kind of experience they like. Maybe dad loves to shower with cold water while mom can’t stand it. Then the bathroom can use the personalized settings to ensure that each person gets the bathroom experience he/she needs.

5. Self – cleaning toilets
If you are a germaphobe, a self-cleaning toilet is the right smart bathroom technology for you. 
These toilets come with anti-microbial seats so you will be sure the toilet seat is always clean before you use it. They also have a cleaning cycle that pressure washes germs and dirt away in the toilet bowl every time you flush. You have an option you can choose for deep cleaning as well. There is even no need for touching the toilet seats as they can automatically raise and lower themselves. Perfect for anyone that is squeamish about germs!

6. Programmable digital showers
A digital shower is one of the most useful hi-tech bathroom installations you can get. You can set it up to deliver the right temperature of water at the pressure you prefer. Check this buying guide here.

You can also set the time you need the water to flow so that you don’t waste water. It’s a great way to cut down on water bills especially with members of the family that are careless with water use. You can also go a step further and get a blue tooth speaker installed in your shower head so that you can listen to your favorite jams or radio station while you take a shower.

7. Automatic bathroom lights
Instead of having light switches, you can install automatic LED bathroom lights. They save in electricity because they only come on when you need them. They have a sensor that identifies movement so that with each step they light up based on your location. If you stand in front of the mirror, they light up there. If you are in the shower, they light up there. They light up only where you are therefore no use of unnecessary lights. You can also set up mood lighting that changes color depending on your preferences.

These are a few bathroom tech innovations you can install in your home. They have so many benefits and will enhance your bathroom experience significantly. So why not get started on your smart bathroom renovation project today!