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With the touch of a button, Air Vent`s Whisper Air Whole-House Fan conveniently and quietly cools homes while saving homeowners money

Dallas – Air Vent, Inc., Dallas, introduces the new Whisper Aire Whole -House Fan, designed to quietly, but powerfully, help cool the air in homes by pulling cool, fresh outdoor air into the home through open windows, according to Marianne Horvat, Air Vent vice president of marketing. 

“Whole -house fans are ideal for homes in climates that don’t require air conditioning. However, they are also a perfect solution for homeowners who wish to run their air conditioning less often,” says Horvat. 

Because Whisper Aire can be used to cool the home when outside temperatures are cooler than indoors (usually at night), it saves energy and money. The air conditioner can be turned off, the windows opened and Whisper Aire goes to work. It pulls cool air into the home, and warm, stale air into the attic where it can be exhausted through attic vents. 

Another energy -saving function is Whisper Aire’s insulated automatic shutter. Providing an R -value of 25, the shutter minimizes the heat transfer between attic and living spaces. 

Based on recent homeowner research which found homeowners believe current whole -house fans are too noisy and industrial sized, Air Vent designed Whisper Aire to be aesthetically -pleasing and much quieter. Whisper Aire uses an integrated dual fan and motor design that can move 2,200 cubic feet per minute (CFM) of air. This airflow can cool a 2,400 square -foot -home as much as 15 degrees in about 15 minutes. Homeowners also like the fact that the fan pulls help ventilate the home by bringing in fresh outdoor air. 

To make the fan aesthetically pleasing, a stamped, metal louver serves as a return vent for the ceiling. This return grill installs flush and blends into the ceiling. There are no noisy shutters to open and close. 

According to Horvat, homeowners also said they liked the benefits of whole -house fans (energy -efficient, fresh air), but that they were too difficult for the average do -it -yourselfer (DIY) to install. To simplify the installation process, the unit is designed so that it can be located between ceiling joists spaced at either 16 or 24 inches on -center, which means the fan will fit between the joists without having to cut and reinforce ceiling joists, which is a difficult and time consuming project. Because it’s smaller and lighter than traditional whole house fans, it’s easier to handle during installation too. 

Whisper Aire is operated via remote control. This eliminates dropping wires down an interior wall to a switch which makes it even less complicated for the typical DIY homeowner to install. The remote has five speeds and four timer settings that can be set to circulate for one -half, two, four or six hours. 

Whisper Aire is available at Lowe’s Home Improvement Warehouses and other home improvement centers nationwide. 

About Air Vent, Inc.: 
Chartered in 1976, Air Vent, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of high -quality metal and shingle -over ridge vents, power and solar attic ventilators for all types of roof and specialty applications. 
Headquartered in Dallas, Air Vent is a division of Gibraltar Inc. (NASDAQ: ROCK), Buffalo, N.Y., North America’s largest manufacturer of ventilation products. For more information about the Whisper Aire Whole -House Fan or other Air Vent products, visit or call 800/AIR -VENT (800/247 -8368).