Fantem is comprised of a dedicated team who share a passion and expertise in smart home.  We set out to create the first smart home management system that’s not only the easiest to install, set-up, and use, but also the first smart home system that’s actually smart. With Oomi, we believe we are set to revolutionize the future of the smart home by removing the complexity and frustration associated with existing systems and finally delivering a system that can be set-up and used by anyone.

Which technologies do your products use to communicate with each other and how does it work? 

For set-up we use NFC technology.  This makes setting-up and expanding an Oomi system incredibly easy, as a user simply has to tap the controller against the accessory  to connect it to the system. Beyond set-up our system is built using Gen5 Zwave, a mesh network techonology.  We also have BLE, Wi-fi, and future planned expansion for Zigbee and other protocols.

Do your products communicate with products from other manufacturers using a standard protocol? (which one)

Yes. Zwave, wi-fi, BLE.

What types of devices do you manufacture or provide?

  • Hubs
  • Controllers
  • Software / Apps
  • Lighting and Automation Devices
  • HVAC / Energy Management Devices
  • Entertainment System Control Devices

Can your products be installed by the homeowner or are special skills and tools required?

Yes, but Oomi can not only be installed by the homeowner, it can be installed by any homeowner.

In a short paragraph or 2 please describe how your products fit into a Smart Home scenario and how they are set up to work together to perform automated tasks.

Oomi™ is a complete home automation system. It’s the first that is focussed on learning instead of programming. It’s the first to have accessories designed specifically to make the system easy to setup and use. We’ve simplified the setup and use of home automation down to plug-and-play levels; a first for the industry.

To setup a new device with Oomi all an end-user has to do is tap Oomi Touch, our dedicated tablet, against it; all their setup options appear on screen with many of the variables automatically selected based on best practices. Should an end user wish to change any settings or find out more about an Oomi accessory, again all they have to do is Tap-and-Touch™.

With setup done, creating automated tasks is just as easy.  A user can either build custom scenes and scenarios, or they can simply live in their home as they always have before.  That’s because Oomi is learning as the devices connected to it are used, and then recommends automated sequences based on user patterns and habits.  And while a lot of Oomi is focussed on monitoring and control, we know that people expect more from their home control systems now. While a great experience outside of the home is important, people still really want a system that offers a fantastic experience within the home.

With entertainment such an important part of all our lives, Oomi includes control over home entertainment systems and even has its own Oomi Streamer so users can enjoy on demand multi-media content, all through one simple interface.  We are continuing to develop a number of accessories for the Oomi platform, but standard communication protocols ensure extensibility to match any use’s desires.

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