The programmable logic controller (PLC) interfaces with any electrical device. In a home, these devices are typically lights, motorized blinds, fireplaces, and even audio/video systems. Bang & Olufsen (B&O) is a company who offers a wide range of very high-end audio/video systems. These systems are controlled by a handheld remote control called a Beo4. This remote typically only controls the B&O TV, DVD, satellite, radio or CD products. By integrating the remote with the PLC, you can control the lights and curtains in the same room as the audio/video equipment.

The remote operates by sending out an infrared signal to an infrared receiver. B&O teamed up with Lutron to come up with a lighting system that incorporates a B&O infrared receiver. This allows the Beo4 remote control to activate lighting scenes on the Lutron system. The button designated as ‘LIGHT’ on the Beo4 remote control and the numbered buttons ‘0′ thru ‘9′ gives the homeowner many lighting options. The Beo4 remote also has four colored buttons that recall more frequently used lighting scenes. The raise and lower buttons are typically used to adjust volume levels, but when in ‘LIGHT’ mode, they adjust lighting levels. To turn the lights off in a room, press the number ‘0′ button on the remote control.

Since the PLC is connected via the Lutron RS232 interface unit, the PLC monitors the button pushes from the Beo4 remote. Now the remote is capable of turning on other electrical devices, not just lights. Motorized blinds can now be programmed to open or close on any selected numbered buttons ‘0′ thru ‘9′. The fireplace in the room may now be controlled via the Beo4 remote in the same manner.

The Beo4 remote also has a ‘GO’ button located in the center of the unit. This button can be programmed to set the room to a specific scene. As an example, the lights in the room can go to a preset dimmed level, the motorized blinds go closed, the fireplace turns off and the TV starts playing the movie pre loaded in the DVD player. All these functions from the push of one button ‘GO’ on the Beo4 handheld remote.