Ron Gilster is the author of several best-selling books on networking, PC hardware and IT career certifications. He has worked in IT and computing for over 25 years.

Helen Heneveld is as close to a celebrity as we get in the Home Technology industry. She has been involved for 15 years or so … and her experience covers organization, sales, installation and education. This book collaboration is a natural progression for her and we as an industry are the beneficiaries.

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Warning!!! This book is not for the feint of heart or the casual reader. 870 pages of well organized, comprehensive information that I’m sure will become the industry standard for those who wish to pursue a career in Home Technology … whether it be to design, install or commission systems and equipment.

Just to give you an idea … here is the table of contents:

Part 1 – Home Technology Installation Basics (114 pages)

Chapter 1 – Wire and Cable Basics

Chapter 2 – Connector Types and Installation

Chapter 3 – Wiring Installation Practices

Chapter 4 – Codes, Standards and Safety Practices

Part 2 – Structured Wiring (84 pages)

Chapter 5 – Infrastructure Wiring Basics

Chapter 6 – Planning Structured Wiring Installation

Chapter 7 – Rough-in Installation

Chapter 8 – Trim Out Installation

Chapter 9 – Troubleshooting Structured Wiring

Part 3 – Home Computer Networks (88 pages)
Chapter 10 –Computer Network Basics

Chapter 11 – Computer Network Hardware

Chapter 12 – Computer Network Software

Chapter 13 – Designing and Installing a Computer Network

Chapter 14 – Troubleshooting a Home Network

Part 4 – Audio/Video Systems (134 pages)

Chapter 15 – Distributed Audio Basics

Chapter 16 – Designing and Installing Distributed Audio Systems

Chapter 17 – Troubleshooting Audio Systems

Chapter 18 – Distributed Video Basics

Chapter 19 – Designing and Installing Distributed Video Systems

Chapter 20 – Troubleshooting Video Systems

Part 5 – Home Lighting Management Systems (94 pages)

Chapter 21 – Home Lighting Basics

Chapter 22 – Home Lighting Devices

Chapter 23 – Designing a Home Lighting Control System

Chapter 24 – Installing a Home Lighting Control System

Chapter 25 – Troubleshooting and Maintaining a Home Lighting Control System

Part 6 – Telecommunications (50 pages)

Chapter 26 – Home Communication System Basics

Chapter 27 – Designing and Installing a Home Telephone System

Chapter 28 – Troubleshooting a Home Communication System

Part 7 – HVAC and Water Management (36 pages)

Chapter 29 – HVAC Management

Chapter 30 – Water Management Systems

Part 8 – Security and Home Access Control Systems (80 pages)

Chapter 31 – Security System Basics

Chapter 32 – Designing a Home Security System

Chapter 33 – Installing a Home Security System

Chapter 34 – Troubleshooting and Maintaining a Home Security System

Chapter 35 – Security Surveillance System

Chapter 36 – Home Access Control Systems

Part 9 – Home Technology Integration (104 pages)

Chapter 37 – Defining User Needs and Desires

Chapter 38 – User Interfaces

Chapter 39 – Controllers

Chapter 40 – Programming

Chapter 41 – Integration to Computer Network

Chapter 42 – Home Automated Devices

Appendices (56 pages)

Appendix A – Home Technology Project Management

Appendix B – Home Technology Glossary

Appendix C – Industry Organizations

Appendix D – About the CD-ROM

Not only does this cover most everything you need to know … but it is nicely illustrated with clear diagrams and photos throughout.

And if that’s not enough for your $70 investment … at the end of the book is a CD that contains three MasterExam practice exams: one for the each of the two HTI+ exams and one for the CEDIA Installer Level I Certification exam.

This book is a must read … and a great start to a reference library for anyone wishing to work in the Home Technology industry. You can help Helen keep up the good work by buying it at

As President of Heneveld Dynamic Consulting, Helen is a well-respected and impassioned leader in the home automation industry. With an MBA and over 15 years of business ownership experience, she knows business. As a successful founder of a nationally recognized custom dealer/installer company, she understands what will make your company successful. She is well qualified holding certifications for CEDIA Installer 1 and HTI+ from CompTIA. Her dynamic personality, her business instincts, her ability to connect with people, her deep integrity, and her desire to assist others in achieving their visions combine to make working with Helen a worthwhile experience

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