The best and brightest of the Home Technology and Integrattion industry gather at CEDIA to learn new skills, discover innovative solutions, network and have a great time celebrating the industry.

Attracting more than 450 exhibitors and 17,000 attendees from over 70 countries, CEDIA is the top Home Technology and Integration show of the year. This years show took place September 25th – 28th, 2013 in Denver, Colorado.

For well over a decade has been covering CEDIA and bringing all the industry news and exciting new products to our eMagazine to help our readers make sense of the massive event.  We have compiled a list of some new product releases from this years show below.

As well make sure to check out our special CEDIA 2013 Newspage for Exhibitor news and announcements.


Leviton – OmniTouch 7 Touchscreen 

The OmniTouch 7 Touchscreen is Leviton’s newest touchscreen offering, our seventh generation offering since we introduced our in-wall touchscreen line in 2003.  The OmniTouch 7 is special in many regards, primarily the Android-based OS, high processing power, and crisp graphics using our new UI design engine.  This affords an easy-to-use, plug-and-play device that provides a dedicated interface to arm the alarm, lock a door, lower a window shade, turn on a pool pump, turn down the thermostat, pipe music throughout the house, view surveillance cameras, etc.  Whether Z-Wave, ZigBee, UPB, KNX, DALI, or many other standardized protocols, Leviton makes lighting control easy.  Set scenes throughout the property with one touch or adjust individual lighting loads from 0-100% via slider bars and swipes.  We implemented some new user-adjustable features, and to simplify control, allowed devices to be tucked into rooms or areas like “Kitchen” or “Lobby”.  It’s the most advanced, most attractive, and most affordable screen we’ve ever produced.  Shipping is imminent and it’s available in black and white with glass running edge to edge like a tablet.



BitWise Controls – BC2 Automation Controller 

The BC2 controller offers the full processing power of the BC1, but in a svelte mid-sized form factor. The smaller size makes it perfect for automation designs involving fewer devices, but that still require the highest level of performance. BitWise made it easy for dealers to integrate the BC2 controller with no coding needed, and made it simple for users to manage their systems with the BitWise control app on their iOS and Android devices.


The BC2 provides event scheduling, email notifications, and two-way interaction with serial and networked devices. It communicates with every BitWise user interface and controller on the network, and interacts with mechanical devices using on-board relays and signal-sensing ports. New BC2 orders will be shipped June 21 in the order in which purchases were made.




The Mirage Audio System represents a complete solution for up to 96 zones of pristine audio distribution featuring the most popular streaming music services and audiophile grade playback of local music files. The M-400 and M-800 amplifiers represent the state of the art in digital whole home audio solutions. These high powered (50 watts per channel), IP controllable amplifiers offer a suite of modern features integrators will appreciate in today's high-tech, IP based environments. Paired with either of our award winning media servers the MMS-2 or MMS-5A digital audio server, you can provide your customers with simple and convenient access to their iTunes music libraries and online services Pandora, Rhapsody, Spotify,, SiriusXM and TuneIn Radio.

The Mirage Audio System is intuitively controlled using the devices your customers know and love, including iOS, Android, and any web-enabled computer or tablet.

For in-room control, the simple and elegant KP-1 provides local control of volume, source, and power. The more advanced KP-iOS provides a beautiful iOS-based touch screen solution for more active areas of the home, adding full library browsing capabilities with rich meta-data and album covers.

The Mirage Audio System works seamlessly with all the popular automation systems with pre-programmed control modules, user interface templates, and world-class integrator support.



SANUS – New Line of Premium TV Wall Mounts

Built with the consumer in mind, the Premium Series unites form and function with high-quality materials, superior finish and an intuitive, simple installation template. With eleven models ranging in size and position, there is a perfect mount choice for every DIY installer. The entire line of mounts include a magnetic level and stud-finder tool, fully assembled interface and pre-installed finger tightening fasteners that eliminate the need for tools, and greatly reduce installation complexity, while ensuring that the TV is always perfectly positioned.

The installation process is made even easier with key-holed wall plate and quick release tabs for tool-less set up. An easy-to-follow instruction manual, as well as audible safety locks that are heard and felt during installation, give consumers the reassurance of a safe and secure connection, without having to search for the correct hardware. 



GreenPeak's  – ZigBee chips enable device developers to build and market ZigBee based smart devices 

As virtually all cable operators and broadband service suppliers are starting to offer Smart Home services to their subscribers and have chosen ZigBee as the wireless communication standard, there will be an almost insatiable demand for affordable and easy to install Smart Home devices that connect to the set-top box. Device developers are just starting to recognize this great opportunity to offer all types of different Smart Home devices at very affordable costs. GreenPeak's ZigBee chips enable device developers to build and market ZigBee based smart devices starting at less than $5 each. 

Multi-Service Operators need these smart home devices to bundle into their roll out of connected home systems. These new services include security, home monitoring, energy management and control, elderly care, health care support, location monitoring, and even mundane things like automated window and door controls, light switches, etc., enabling profitable business models for both the device developers and the service providers alike. 



 Somfy Systems, Inc. – Z-Wave to Radio Technology Somfy Interface v2

The totally redesigned Z-Wave® to Radio Technology Somfy® Interface (ZRTSI) is a Z-Wave bridge controller that receives Z-Wave transmissions and converts them to motor commands for Somfy’s full range of interior and exterior Radio Technology Somfy®  motors. The ZRTSI supports up to 16 individual RTS motorized products or 16 groups of RTS motorized products for integration into third party Z-Wave-based automation systems, including TaHomA®, Somfy's own home automation solution.

The new backlit LCD screen provides visual prompts and feedback and intuitive menu-driven programming both make using the ZRTSI to integrate RTS motorized products into Z-Wave-based automation systems easier than ever.

The new ZRTSI is the winner of a 2013 Exc!te Award from Technology Integrator. 





Luxul – Luxul Xen™ High Power Dual Band Wireless 900N Low Profile Access Point 

The Luxul XenTM High Power Dual-Band Wireless 900N Low Profile Access Point (XAP-1500) provides exceptional Wi-Fi performance in a sleek design that allows for unobtrusive mounting on a ceiling, wall, or other flat surface. Combining high output power (1000mW) with leading-edge concurrent dual-band 3×3 MIMO technologies, it delivers superior wireless coverage and maximum data rates—making it a great choice for maximizing coverage in both Residential and Commercial environments. The integrated PoE simplifies installation, requiring only a single Ethernet cable for both power and data. Setup is also a snap using the Luxul XenMaster™ application on any iOS or Android device.



Bryston, LTD – Model A Loudspeakers

The new Model A series relies upon an array of newly designed drivers including a premium quality 6.5-inch woofer rather than the 8-inch version used in the Model T series. This smaller woofer size achieves startling musicality from a more compact, décor-friendly form factor. The Bryston Model A lineup will initially launch with a bookshelf speaker called the Mini A as well as three floor-standing towers called the Model A1 Tower, Model A2 Tower and Model A3 Tower. These four loudspeakers will become available through authorized Bryston dealers beginning Q4, 2013. Bryston will be adding a matching Model A Center Channel, Model A Surrounds and matching Model A powered Subwoofer in the coming months. The new Mini A bookshelf speaker features a 6.5 woofer, a 3-inch midrange driver and 1-inch tweeter in a three-way configuration.  


USA/Canadian suggested list prices (per pair) are $3,250 for Model A1 Tower, $2,395 for Model A2 Tower and $1,995 for Model A3 Tower. The Mini A bookshelf speaker will have an MSRP of $1200 per pair. "After a strong launch of our first series of loudspeakers resulting in outstanding feedback from both reviewers and our customers earlier this year, it became clear that consumers need high performance loudspeaker options in a full range of sizes," explained Bryston sales VP James Tanner. "The Model A lineup addresses that need, delivering the sonic realism of our larger Model T speakers from smaller enclosures," added Tanner. Bryston loudspeakers are available in an array of wood finishes, and a durable vinyl is available as a special order lower cost option.    



Monitor Audio – ASB-2 Soundbar 

The new Monitor Audio ASB-2 Soundbar combines a high performance, powered audio system with the latest wireless streaming technologies including Apple AirPlay, in a beautifully engineered design. The ASB-2 will deliver audiophile quality sound from Blu-rays, DVDs, game consoles, STBs (Set Top Boxes), and high end sound (compliments of MA’s proprietary C-CAM driver technology) from tablets, smartphones, computers and even from CD’s!  The sleekly curved ASB-2 offers an irresistible blend of size-defying performance, easy-to-install lifestyle appeal and comprehensive fuss-free functionality.




Draper – The Credenza Projetor Lift

Even though a ceiling-installed projector is preferred for a home theatre setting, sometimes that just isn’t practical. Maybe there isn’t room above the ceiling, or to have it hanging in the room. Maybe something’s in the way.

At CEDIA 2013, Draper will offer a solution to this situation: the Credenza Projector Lift, which allows for the installation of a projector or video conferencing camera in almost any cabinet or other furniture.  At the touch of a button, Credenza Lift raises your projector out of hiding. When you’re finished, the projector is retracted back out of the way until the next time it’s needed. 


The reliable lift mechanism can be fitted with different shelf sizes to accommodate different projectors, and can be controlled via wall switch or remote.



Furman – VT-EXT Vertical Rack Strip 

The Panamax®/Furman® Vertex VT-EXT vertical rack strip provides integrators with eight outlets (three with transformer spacing), addresses ground loop issues with specialized mounting brackets, and simplifies cord management to reduce installation time. It is designed to be used in conjunction with a Panamax/Furman power management unit to provide clean, safe power, extending Panamax and Furman’s advanced protection and filtration technologies to connected equipment.


The Vertex VT-EXT features mounting clips with plastic spacers, which allows the strip to be mounted vertically to an equipment rack while helping to prevent ground loop issues. The unit’s vertical orientation allows integrators to use various length component power cords to save space, eliminate cord clutter, and drastically reduce installation time. In addition, the unit features a detachable 10-foot power cord that can easily be swapped out for a shorter cord if desired. 






 Panamax – MD2-ZB SmartPlug and BB-ZB1 Gateway

The Panamax® MD2-ZB SmartPlug provides energy monitoring, individual outlet control, scheduled conservation, and surge protection in a compact form factor that plugs directly into any standard 120V, 15A outlet. Utilizing ZigBee® wireless communications, the MD2-ZB can be monitored, controlled, programmed, and remotely accessed via Panamax/Furman’s cloud-based BlueBOLT® energy management and control platform via the wired BB-ZB1 gateway. For integrators, BlueBOLT reduces service calls through remote control of the MD2-ZB’s two discrete AC outlets from any Internet-enabled device. Additionally, the platform provides real-time and historical power related data, including energy consumption in kWh and dollars. This data allows integrators to schedule conservation periods to eliminate wasted power and decrease utility bills.

Offering a thin profile of 1.5 inches, the MD2-ZB houses two side-mounted outlets and provides status, network, and wiring fault indicators, in addition to push-button “override” power switches to instantly power outlets on/off from the top of the device. The unit’s Protect-or-Disconnect™ circuitry completely disconnects AC power to connected equipment in the event of a catastrophic surge. To accommodate the look of any room, the MD2-ZB’s front cover can easily be removed and painted to match the wall color.



Leaf Audio – LTHDMI2020E 20 x 20 HDBaseT Matrix System 

The Leaf 20×20 matrix switch is capable of distributing 20 HDMI (3D, Audio/Video) sources to 16 zones utilizing HDBaseT Technology. It also features 4 local HDMI outputs for in-rack or in-room end-points. In addition to HDMI, the LTHDMI2020E is also capable of distributing bi-directional RS232 & directional IR, Ethernet (10/100), and analog audio to any of the 16 zones. Stereo HDMI audio or digital audio (s/pdif) can be converted to analog and distributed via the pre-amped au­dio matrix switch to any zone throughout the system. Using HDBaseT as the medium, it requires a single Cat5e/Cat6 as the only cabling between the matrix and the zone with distances up to 328 feet (100 meters). It is also flexible enough to use the Leaf LTB1, LTB1E, LTBSR or LTB8 as room breakout units.  The LTHDMI2020E is easy to set-up utilizing leafs auto-EDID calibration system and features Leaf’s unique zone lock technology.

The LTHDMI2020E has been designed for control via the front panel touch screen while being sophisticated enough to be integrated into most common control systems.


IAV Lightspeaker – LightSpeaker System LS5.2.2


IAV LightSpeaker® will add sound to your kitchen, living room, boardroom, garage or master bath in mere minutes. The LightSpeaker is the first patented product to combine efficient LED lighting and wireless sound in a single unit that screws in like a light bulb into a pot light fixture or lamp. By combining audio & light into a single unit, aesthetics are greatly improved by not having to install seperate pot lights & large (9"-11") speaker components that clutter up your ceilings. The IAV LightSpeaker® relies on a standalone transmitter to deliver sound wirelessly, saving thousands of dollars by not having to run cables! A source connects ie: iPod, Laptop, A/V receiver, TV to the transmitter and it wirelessly sends sound to your IAV LightSpeakers. Up to 16 IAV LightSpeaker's work in a system, providing stereo sound in multiple rooms and easily uninstalls if you move.



Wilson Electronics, LLC – CI2070 Cell Phone Signal Booster 

Wilson Electronics, manufacturer of North America’s top-selling line of cellular signal boosters, announced at the CEDIA Home Technology Expo 2013 the release of a new 4G signal booster designed for the residential and commercial installer market that will future-proof installations.

The new CI 2070 indoor booster, available now and named a CEDIA 2013 Manufacturers Excellence Awards finalist, enhances 4G as well as earlier generation signals for all cellular carriers’ networks. This signal booster supports LTE and other cellular technologies used in North America to provide strong, reliable cellular coverage indoors for up to 80,000 square feet.




NuVo Technologies – NuVo Wireless Audio System

Describing it as the world’s “simplest yet most advanced system for multi-room, multi-stream wireless music,” the NuVo Wireless Audio System, the first wireless home music system based on advanced, dual-band WiFi and MIMO technologies to transmit up to 16 simultaneous streams at 600 kb per second each, the highest of any WiFi music network. The NuVo system connects with home networks and the Internet,  to play personal iTunes and Windows Media libraries, popular streaming services such as Pandora, Rhapsody, and SiriusXM, and other network-connected music and audio sources.   The system also integrates easily into existing wired whole-home systems.

The NuVo Wireless Audio System consists of two types of wireless music players, the P200 and P100, and a network gateway, GW100.  A third player, the P3100, includes three individual players in a rack-mountable case for easy integration into a wired home system.  System control is accomplished using a smartphone or tablet, with Apple and Android applications available free online.



NAD – VISO 1 Wireless Digital Music System 

The NAD VISO 1 is compact and easy to enjoy right out of the box. No messy wires or complicated setup. The innovative precision 'ring' design allows you to dock and operate your iPod in a completely natural way, without compromising Apple's well thought out ergonomics. After plugging in the power cord to a household outlet, simply dock your iPod in the rotating cradle, select your music, and press 'play'. The supplied remote handset allows you to start or stop the music, skip tracks and adjust the volume from your listening chair.

Integrated Bluetooth aptX wireless high fidelity reception allows any Bluetooth enabled device to seamlessly integrate with the NAD VISO 1. This allows wireless integration of the iTouch, iPhone and iPad, as well as Android and Windows-based smartphones and tablets. Virtually any handheld device can stream music to NAD VISO 1 for great convenience.



Linear –Expands Home Automation Offerings with Z-Wave

Linear is now manufacturing, selling and distributing Z-Wave lighting control productsthat include: wall dimmers, wall switches, wall outlets, lamp modules, appliance modules, 3-way switches/dimmers, fixture modules, as well as international versions of the same products.

WD1000Z: Z-Wave Wall Dimmer Switch.  Wireless Z-Wave wall dimmer switch, Z-Wave and manual control for connected lights, 1000 watt (8 amp) maximum load, fits in standard J-box, Decorator wall plate included, Auto Sense allows for local lamp activation independent of the Z Wave controller status, replaceable trim ring (color kits) available, white





Platinum Tools – External Ground Crimp Tool 

Perform 360° crimps on the external ground tab of shielded RJ45 connectors. Tool design allows the installer to perform a concentric termination with full control, preventing over/under crimping the external ground tab.  

"The Platinum Tools CT-360 performs 360 degree crimps on the external ground tab of shielded RJ45 connectors for Cat5e, Cat5/6, Cat6E, Cat6A and Cat7 cables," explained Lee Sachs, Platinum Tools, Inc. president and general manager. "The design allows the installer to perform a concentric termination with full control, preventing over/under crimping the external ground tab." 



CanaVac – Doc IT ALL

Imagine a system with abundant vacuum performance. A system with the versatility of a central vacuum. A system that automatically stores away the hose on demand with no effort. A system that makes vacuuming easier. Such a system that would do it ALL… Doc IT ALL!

Doc IT ALL is an all in one hose management system and powerful vacuum equipped with an amazing 142" of suction. This means no central vacuum installation is required.

Easy to install, Doc IT ALL installs between two standard wall studs and can often be completed in less than an hour.





The best and brightest of the Home Technology and Integrattion industry gather at CEDIA to learn new skills, discover innovative solutions, network and have a great time celebrating the industry.

Attracting more than XXX exhibitors and XXX attendees from over XXX countries, CEDIA is the top Home Technology and Integration show of the year. This years show took place September 25th – 28th, 2013 in Denver, Colorado.

For well over a decade has been covering CEDIA and bringing all the industry news and exciting new products to our eMagazine to help our readers make sense of the massive event.  We have compiled a list of some new product releases from this years show below.

As well make sure to check out our special CEDIA 2013 Newspage for Exhibitor news.