A lot think that both archive and backup are the same thing, meanwhile, they’ve got differences in between, or otherwise there wouldn’t be both words in the dictionary! Archive means to save in one place, and that one object is the same files used originally, but backup points to two duplicate of a file.

That is, archive would remove the object to another place, while backup means to copy an object to another place.

Archive would remove those files away from the system to store them in somewhere where they can retrievable incase need for reference on the long term.

However, backup makes a copy of the same file, and is stored away and retrieved incase data is lost or damaged due to hardware failure or human-error or for fear that any disaster takes place.

But mostly, individuals or a company are paying attention to restoring to the latest copy of a file and not an older version of the latest, which can cause great loss or even a business discontinuity. In fact, what a corporate really needs for instant backup recovery is the state of the files and folders right before it was destroyed. Not the way it looked yesterday. So, backup is a mirror of everything.

Backups and archives, though, have different purposes.

Backups are used to protect against damage to files. A sequence of backup versions is kept for each file. The number of backup versions is set by the user; older versions are removed as newer versions are made

While archive copies are to maintain a file in a particular state indefinitely and are useful if you think you might need to go back to a particular version of your files, or if you want to delete a file from your workstation and retrieve it if necessary. For example, you might need to save some spreadsheets for tax purposes, but because you are not using them, you do will want to save them away and get them any time you want to retrieve the files.

Moreover, discussing the functionality, backup is the right solution for the group of people who believe that space, time, and cost matters.

Starting with storage, archiving will keep all data available, and so keeping the structure static, where as in a backup procedure the user decides what is wanted to keep a copy of, leading to cost, as know storage is relatively highly-priced also archiving is a manual process where as backup can be automated to run and so leading to one strongly proved conclusion, that feature-wise, backup saves space, cost and time.

Last but not least, it will always depend on the means of usage, backups are to protect against unforeseen damage of files, and archives for maintaining a more permanent version of files. “