Many consumers – as well as technology-related news article – are asking the questions, why go 1080p? Is it worth the extra money? What are the benefits? This article will explore “Why Not”? In most cases, 1080p is worth the investment, both for technology experts as well as the average consumer who can afford the advanced and superior quality technology.

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The main benefit is of course the picture quality. There really is a difference – although no high definition broadcasts are currently done in 1080p, DVDs and some Internet content are available with 1080p. For most consumers, seeing is believing, and there is definitely difference in the picture quality. Westinghouse Digital provides a visual depiction of the different technologies at

While the quality of 1080p is something most technology gurus understand and appreciate, it is also valuable to an average consumer, enhancing other technology in the home and providing a product that won’t be obsolete in a few years’ time.

The Standard of the Future

Five years from now, progressive will most likely be the leading high definition technology sold. If buyers invest now, they won’t regret it a few years down the road when their friends and neighbors all have superior televisions. A 1080p television bought now will not need to be replaced for many years, especially as life spans have continued to improve.

While it is true that no high definition broadcasts are currently done in 1080p, this will not be the case forever. Eventually, the availability of broadcasts in 1080p will increase. Furthermore, high definition DVD players will be taking a dominate role in the distribution of HDTV content and many – both HD-DVD and Blu-Ray – are starting to output 1080p resolution. Some Internet content is also available in 1080p as well as select video and computer games. As more and more consumers are investing in the technology, more content will almost certainly follow.

Plainly stated, it is not going to get better than a high quality television with 1080p, if you buy a trusted and tested brand name. Consumers who buy now can start enjoying the technology and won’t have to replace it for years down the road.

A Role in Media Convergence

These days, systems in the home are increasingly connected. From automated lighting and climate control to entertainment and security systems, technology becomes interrelated with each new advancement.

For this reason, one piece of the puzzle that lags in quality can have an effect on all aspects of home technology. It’s like buying a new HDTV, but skimping on the speakers. Having a TV with 1080p picture resolution not only enhances the experience of watching a DVD or playing a video game, but also can enhance other technology in the home, particularly computers.

From putting together a presentation for an important client to watching a slide show of family photos, 1080p can bring a whole new light to the experience. Hooking up your computer screen to a 1080p TV is a simple task for an average consumer and just one of the ways 1080p resolution can improve owners’ technology experience.

Prices in Line with the Quality

The perception that 1080p costs much more than other options is somewhat of a myth. It all depends on the size, brand, vendor and also warranty price. Solid Signal is now offering a Westinghouse 47″ full high definition LCD HDTV with 1920 x 1080 High resolution HDTV for $1,699 plus standard shipping. This is comparable to the price of many televisions on the market than don’t offer 1080p resolution. In addition, it is only $200 more than the same size 1080i television from the same manufacturer. Most consumers can probably think of a lot crazier upgrades they’ve spent $200 on.

Consumers who do their homework, compare prices and products and seek advice from experts can find 1080p technology for a price that meets the quality. So the real question is not Why? The real question is Why Not?!

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