Linear will be exhibiting at ISC West 2014 this year.  Tell us why you like this show and what some of your goals are for this year’s show?

ISC West will be the first trade show where the 2GIG Technology brand will be featured as part of Linear’s booth. The 2GIG Go!Control platform is the best-selling home control system. It gives Linear OEM partners and dealers access to the first integrated security and automation system that includes: a system CPU, touchscreen interface, Z-Wave radio for automation, cellular radio for communications with a central station, and narrow-band RF for communication with security sensors. The latest iteration of the Go!Control Panel, known as the “GC3” will be shown for the first time at ISC West this year. Over 1.5 million of the original Go!Control panels have been sold already, so it is the most widely adopted security and home control panel in existence.
Linear will also be unveiling a number of smart products and discussing development plans for Internet-of-Things technology. One example is the GD00Z-1, a Z-Wave Garage door controller, which brings automation and remote management to one of the most frequently used entry points in a home or business. Dealers and consumers are really excited about it. Other demos will include new smart and IoT solutions spanning home control, security, access control and health/wellness, plus we’re offering free CEU training sessions, premium giveaways and fun money booth events.

Residential Security is a growing market, especially with the recent advances of wireless cameras and smart phone control.  How do you see Linear fitting into this “Smart Home Security” market?

The prevalence of smartphones, connected devices and the Internet-of-Things effect on technology is really stoking people’s desire to interact with their homes to live more conveniently, efficiently and securely. Linear is at the forefront of developing these kinds of innovative solutions, whether it’s a new app, user interface or some other connected home technology that makes people’s lives better.  The future of smart home security holds great promise and we’re not ruling anything out.  The continued development of new sensors will allow home owners to interact with their homes in ways previously unimagined, changing things like elder care, energy management and home entertainment in the process.

As a technology manufacturer and OEM partner, we pride ourselves on being in front of technology trends to ensure that we continue to develop innovative products that end users want and that dealers can sell and install easily to make their customer’s lives more secure and convenient. 

You recently announced the e3 OneBox, tell us what that is and why you are so excited about this product.

The e3 OneBox™ is a great integrated access control and video solution for small-to-medium sized businesses. It combines Linear’s award-winning, embedded browser IP-based access control platform with Digital Watchdog’s powerful, full-featured digital video recording capability all into one compact box.  What really sets OneBox apart is the unified and intuitive software interface that coordinates activity logs and video playback.  Another great feature of the e3 OneBox is the event-driven video tagging.  The ability to quickly capture and find video of a specific access point at the time it is opened, closed, or locked gives clients easy identification of verified users plus the added benefit of keeping tabs on those who may gain unauthorized access by following someone else in.  Aside from monitoring authorized/unauthorized users, the e3 OneBox can be used to track inventory coming in or out of a facility to better help with supply chain management.

e3 OneBox simplifies the integration of video and access control by using a single platform  for live viewing, recorded video, event tagging, upgrading and more.

What are some benefits of integrating access control and video?

Integrating access control and video gives customers more advanced security features than if the two systems are managed separately. While video systems do an excellent job keeping a roving virtual guard of a facility, often their downfall is that they require someone to monitor if not connected to an access control or security system that can send alerts.  Standalone access control systems generate notifications for events like invalid badges, holding a door open too long, or forced entry, but if your access control system and video monitoring are not integrated, it’s not as helpful for law enforcement or security staff.  The marriage of event-driven video tagging in the e3 OneBox does away with that major pitfall, allowing both access control and video monitoring to work together in unison without the risk of ‘missing’ vital video footage.

What commercial automation benefits result in a pairing of access control and video?

In a commercial setting, users need to keep track of who’s coming, who’s going, and where they go.  Are your employees accessing the areas they need to or have permissions to access, or do you have unauthorized personnel in restricted areas?  With OneBox, you know, without question, who’s accessing which area and when, because there’s video.  Aside from just personnel moving about, the e3 OneBox can aid in inventory management and loss prevention.  Cameras monitoring an inventory room or warehouse, coupled with access control sensors allows user to know exactly who accessed the storage facility, at what time, and can recall footage of the entry/exit.  Late night inventory delivery?  With the e3 OneBox, operators can pull up a snapshot of the delivery man for confirmation, then unlock the door remotely, monitor the delivery via surveillance cameras, and then lock the door remotely once the delivery is complete all without physically having to be onsite.

Installation of OneBox is easier than marrying separate surveillance and access control platforms and additional money is saved by personnel not having to learn two independent systems.  When it comes to automation of processes for a facility, the benefits provided by the e3 OneBox far outweigh the benefits of two separate systems.

How is e3 OneBox more secure and convenient than having separate access control and video solutions?

The Linear e3 OneBox is a Linux-embedded appliance which makes it entirely IT friendly. There are no annoying Windows updates or crashes, and it’s much more secure from Malware, Viruses and tampering than a Cloud-based system since its solid state with its own CPU. A rugged, lockable steel enclosure with tamper switch and supervised AC battery backup capabilities houses the integrated system, protecting it from unauthorized access or emergency events such as power outages.  The solution also provides users with constant live-viewing of cameras and the access control dashboard, as well as text or email notifications, including snapshots; based on specified events.

As noted previously, the e3 OneBox merges video surveillance and event investigation into one system.  With two independent systems, should your operator receive an alarm from one system, they must then move to another complete system to attempt to investigate the source of the alarm.  This system likely has a completely different user interface which requires your operator to be proficiently trained in order to investigate the alarm. Even then, since valuable time has passed since the sounding of the alarm, which camera angle gets called up to most accurately access the scene?  With the event-driven video tagging of the e3 OneBox, there’s no time wasted in the surveillance and investigation of an alarm or trigger and where seconds can make the difference between missing or catching video footage required in a potential nefarious situation, the e3 OneBox is peace of mind.

What makes the integration of access control and video easier for dealers to sell to end-users?

The Digital Watchdog VMAX remote software and Apple iOS and Android apps allow users to view live video, search and playback video, and change DVR configuration from smartphones and mobile devices. Users can view up to 16 channels simultaneously, capture immediate still images and control the cameras.

DW Advanced Client Software (ACS) is a PC application that enables access to the DVR video, but also allows them to view live video, search and playback video, and change DVR configuration. Digital Watchdog’s ACS remote monitoring software is a powerful tool that offers advanced monitoring tools in a LITE format ideal for platforms with limited HDD space and capabilities. It offers powerful features such as multi-site monitoring, digital zoom, and event search, all from a compact and simple software. The DW ACS software supports up to 128 sites and is available for both MAC and Windows platforms.

DW Pivot Software is a PC application that enables full access to the DVR video. View live video, search and playback video, and change DVR configuration. Powerful, flexible, and absolutely free. Pivot is a hybrid central monitoring software that is included with every Digital Watchdog DVR or IP Camera. Pivot manages up to 128 sites or cameras. Other features are the Remote DVR, Event Search, and Preview Search, which enables the user to control, configure, and monitor up to 128 channels.

About Linear LLC

Linear is a developer, manufacturer and marketer of innovative access control, security and health/wellness related systems for residential and commercial applications. The Company offers its own products as well as develops private label and custom solutions. The company has been in business for over 50 years with a strong heritage in wireless communication solutions. Linear is a subsidiary of Nortek, a $2B publicly traded [NTK] buildings products company.