HAI (Home Automation Inc.) has been in the business of Home Security and Automation for many years and my experience with them has always been exceptional. I was thus very pleased to learn the our systems integrator for the Home Technology Demonstration Project (Simply Automated of Victoria, B.C. Canada) is an HAI dealer and was adamant that we test and use their system for the project. I didn’t argue.

Model 21A00-11 Leviton Mount OmniLTWe opted for The Model 21A00-11 Leviton version of the OmniLT which includes specially designed brackets for mounting in the Leviton Structured Media Center Enclosures, which serves as the home networking and entertainment hub for the project. It clipped right into the panel ready to go.

Model 11A00-1C, Model 11A00-2C, Model 11A00-9CThe flush mounted keypads are attractive and very functional with nice big buttons and bright backlighting for easy operation. Installation went very smoothly even though we had to run wiring to all of the sensors and keypads from the panel. It’s a 2 man job for sure but with the right tools, reasonable access (attic or crawlspace) and an experienced installer the job was done in half a day.

Once the installation of the hardware was completed and tested it was a simple matter for the installers technician to program the basics into the panel at his office and download it via telephone to our system. He then dropped by the next day to test the installation and give us a run through on how to operate the system. Took about an hour of our time … and it’s very simple to use … Push Away Button … Enter Code … Leave the House. Come home … Push Off Button … Enter Code (as long as you remember what it is) … and that’s it.

Of course that’s not the limit of what this system can do for you … but it’s the basic crux of the system and really the only interface the homeowner needs to worry about. The rest is about convenience, reliability and a bit of fun rolled in. If you go through the list of features listed below you’ll see what I mean. This is a full blown home automation controller that can make your life a lot easier and more convenient. It will control your powerline lighting and appliance components, thermostats, hard wired devices and more. It is also expandable if you find there is a need to add to the system … which you probably will once you get hooked on automation 🙂

The OmniLT is great for a small home or a project such as ours. HAI offer larger systems for those with more sophisticated needs and larger homes. The OmniPro II is designed for larger home and commercial applications and the Omni II for mid-range homes and small commercial applications. HAI’s Web-Link II software allows for access and control of your HAI system over the Internet. Check and adjust the temperature, lights, and security via a PC, PDA, or web-enabled phone. Web-Link II also offers video surveillance over the Internet, wireless access, and the ability to receive emails and instant messages based on programmed events.

I’m still working on the functionality and integration of this and the other components of our demo project and will discuss more about that in the Home Technology Demonstration Project section as we go through the process. I’m looking forward to putting this controller to work to build a comprehensive and effective home control network. Stay tuned …


* Controls up to 26 different lights, appliances or groups: 16 via power line carrier control modules or optional ALC hardwire lighting modules, 2 (expandable to 10) hardwired to OmniLT controller
* Temperature control for 2 HAI Omnistat thermostats
* Dedicated thermostat interface (does not use a zone or output) sends time, outdoor temperature to thermostats for display
* Time, Sunrise, Sunset, outdoor temperature display
* Status display (On, off, level, mode, heat, cool, fan, temperature, etc.)
* Temperature control for other items or existing thermostats using up to 8 Temperature Sensors or PESMs
* 2-Way X-10 allows OmniLT to receive signals for use as program triggers, features collision detection and retry for reliability
* Lights can be set to scenes of varying brightness, with Direct Dim and Scene Support for advanced home theater lighting control
* Lights, control outputs, temperatures and security modes can be scheduled by time, sunrise, sunset, and date or day of week and various system events.
* 100 lines of non volatile control program storage
* Commands (immediate and scheduled) include:
o on, off, dim, brighten, level, (and ramp rate for ALC)
o timed on, off, dim, bright
o change settings, mode, fan for thermostats
o change system modes, zone status, flags
o display a message on console, place a phone call
o activate a button (macro)
* Event button capability (“Scenes” or “macros”) allows a series of commands to be executed at once, to create lighting scenes, house modes, adjust temperatures, etc., initiated by:
o a console command
o a telephone command
o a zone opened or closed
o a mode change (i.e. day, away vacation)
o a particular user code entered
o a time schedule
o other internal or external events
* Scheduling commands and Event buttons can be conditionalized (made to execute only if the condition is true) by sunrise/sunset, time clocks, zones open or closed, mode, flags, more
* Expansion port for future CEBus, Echelon or other interface


* 8 Zones, expandable to 24, fully configurable for:
o full selection of security zone types
o outdoor temperature
o energy saver module
o temperature control and/or alarm
o auxiliary input for automation use (without security)
o keyswitch
o zone 8 supports 2 and 4 wire smoke detectors

Simply Brilliant UPB Dimming
2 Hardwire Outputs, expandable to 10, fully configurable for:
o control output for automation
o smoke detector power and reset
o temperature control
o long range radio
o armed, OK to arm, and others

* LCD Consoles
o surface, flush and universal models available.
o 4 wire connection, independent operation, 4 maximum.
o configurable beeper, viewing angle, backlighting

* Five modes: off, day, night, away, vacation
* 8 user codes with selectable authority levels
* User codes can be made valid during certain times and days only, for maid, service, etc.
* All lights on when alarm is tripped to frighten intruder away
* Outdoor lights flashing when alarm is tripped to alert neighbors and police
* Entry and Exit delays user programmable
* Entry delay can be doubled or quadrupled on a zone to accommodate garage and back doors.
* Pre-alarm beeper in console gives owner time to turn alarm off before outdoor siren is activated
* Supervised siren output detects shorted or cut wire to siren
* System Announces type and location of alarm with optional 2-Way Voice Module
* Auto bypass feature means alarm won’t go off unexpectedly if door or window is left open when the system is armed.
* Trouble conditions indicated in English on display for: zone and system trouble, AC Power off, battery low, phone line dead
* Optional wireless receiver is fully supervised for greatest reliability
* High Security mode for commercial applications
* All Fire and Burglary zones are fully supervised
* Event Log with Time & Date


* Works with Touch Tone phones inside or away from the premises with access code
* Compatible with answering machines, answering services
* From any phone, you can:
o change modes
o change temperatures
o arm/disarm security, bypass and restore zones
o activate macro buttons
o hear complete status of system
o hear event log and help menu
o Lockout feature discourages tampering with system by phone
o Listen-in / talk to premises with optional two way voice module


* Contact ID, 4/2 and 3/1 formats, dual round compared
* Two phone numbers with two account numbers
* Opening/Closing reports by user code


* Completely solid state, no tape or moving parts to wear or break
* Voice dialer is delayed by 5 minutes if digital dialer is used to allow central station to call back
* Dials up to 8 user programmable numbers and reports type and location of alarm
* Called party can cancel dial out by entering code
* OmniLT can call pagers, and be programmed to make a voice call based on a non-alarm event (example: call when children arrive home; call if “no activity” for elderly care)


* Designed for continuous trouble-free operation
* Verifies smoke detectors by cycling power and confirming smoke alarm
* System reads resistance of each zone independently to detect trouble due to faulty sensor or wiring before it causes false alarms
* Pulse count feature precludes false alarms due to static, transients and lightning
* Programmable delay to preclude false alarms from user error
* All inputs and outputs protected against static, RFI, surges, and lightning by use of impedance limits, spark gaps, TRANZORB surge arrestors, RC filters, MOVs, bypass capacitors and grounded shields
* Watchdog timer, non volatile EEPROM storage for ALL programs, self diagnostic software, low voltage cut out, self protecting power supply for system integrity


* Text descriptions for all zones, units, codes, and macros
* Voice descriptions on telephone
* Console display shows menus to guide users during use
* Minimum keystrokes for common functions
* Quick mode change feature
* Optional wireless keyfob for arming and control available
* Web Browser Graphical Display (HAI Web-Link II) available


* Power supply: Requires 16 VAC transformer, 50/60 Hz
* Recommended battery: 12 V, 4 Ah sealed rechargeable


* Built in Omni-Link serial interface, with jumper selectable RS-232 or RS-485. Can be used for programming, connection to HAI Web-LinkII, personal computers, Connectivity Partner options
* Built-in modem for local or remote (with security code) access to system using personal computer
* Everything in Omni can be programmed using HAI PC Access software for personal computer