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As an Official Equipment Sponsor of the AFI Los Angeles Film Festival 2003, Four PD4250s Will Be Featured

LONG BEACH, CA, November 10, 2003 – At EHX 2003, Marantz America is reaffirming its leadership in the growing plasma display market with the introduction of its new 42 -inch (16:9) PD4240D Widescreen Plasma Monitor. The PD4250 will simultaneously debut at the AFI film festival in Los Angeles. 

Like the recently introduced 50 -inch Marantz PD5040D, the PD4240D delivers extraordinary widescreen (16:9) picture quality from all video sources for home theater systems and custom installations, incorporating a breakthrough 1365 x 768 high -definition plasma display panel that offers an exceptional new level of image clarity and sharpness, with improved color accuracy and more realistic grayscale and blacks. The PD4240D includes a DVI input with HDCP (High -Bandwidth Content Protection), enabling direct digital input of high -definition television signals including copy -protected broadcasts. The PD4240D will be on display at Marantz’ EHX Booth #1006. 

Total Compatibility and Custom Installation Flexibility 
The Marantz PD4240 is compatible with virtually every digital and analog video display device, and thanks to its built -in deinterlacer/scaler, can operate in either native progressive scan mode or upconvert video sources, depending on the signal source. The PD4240D can display a native 720p progressive scan image from a DVD -Video player, HDTV set -top box or computer, 1080i 

HDTV images from an HDTV set -top box or other HDTV sources, or an upconverted image from any NTSC source. The PD4240D can also display images from a computer up to UXGA resolution, and automatically scales or upconverts video sources as necessary. 

To maximize its utility and flexibility in all home theater or custom installation applications, the PD4240D offers extensive connectivity options. It features seven video inputs -along with its DVI connection – including digital RGB, component RGB, component RCA, S -Video and composite video inputs, as well as multiple audio inputs. It also features compatibility with NTSC, PAL and SECAM formats. 

Because the PD4240D’s slim -profile chassis measures just over four inches deep, it is ideal for either wall mounting, installation on a stand or from a ceiling (using optional available mounting brackets or stands). The monitor’s dark silver metallic chassis complements every décor and living environment. 

The World’s Most Advanced Image -Enhancement Technologies 
To provide viewers with the best possible image quality from all video sources, the Marantz PD4240D includes a host of today’s most advanced image enhancement technologies. The newly developed pixel panel delivers clearer images with more realistic color accuracy, thanks to improved red, green and blue filters. In addition, sophisticated video processing and “intelligent” scan conversion technologies yield smoother, more natural images with minimal motion artifacts. An automatic/manual color temperature function enables the user to adjust the monitor to a selection of color temperatures including the NTSC standard 6500 degrees, or choose a customized setting. 

For maximum viewing flexibility, the Marantz PD4240D provides a choice of picture and aspect ratio modes that are optimized for viewing standard 4:3 format and 16:9 widescreen program material with the best -possible image quality. Its multi -screen operation enables viewers to watch the image from a video source and the output from a computer at the same time. Thanks to its high brightness and wide 160 -degree viewing angle, the PD4240D delivers exceptional image quality to viewers directly in front of as well as off to the sides of the screen, even in daytime and in brightly lit rooms. All key functions as well as video and audio adjustments are easily accessible via the PD4240D’s intuitive on -screen menu and improved, easier to use remote control. 

The Marantz PD4240D plasma monitor will be a featured display at the upcoming AFI Los Angeles Film Festival 2003, to be held November 6 -16 at the ArcLight. As an official equipment sponsor of the festival, Marantz will showcase four of its PD4240D plasma displays in the Cinema Lounge, Box Office Areas and Smoking Lounge of the Festival. 

The Marantz PD4240D will be available in November for a suggested retail price of $10,000. 

Celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2003, Marantz America is committed to upholding the tradition of technological superiority initiated by founder Saul Marantz. In keeping with this emphasis on quality, Marantz audio and video components are carried only by the nation’s premier independent audio/video specialty retailers. 

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