What is LightSpeaker?

LightSpeaker is a basic self contained wireless audio and lighting control system. First and foremost the LightSpeaker is a distributed audio system; designed to allow you to conveniently and inexpensively put music into any home without the expense, inconvenience, or hazards of retrofitting wires.  Like in-wall and in-ceiling speakers it is a hidden system intended to be heard but not seen.  Put it conveniently into 5” and 6” ceiling cans or neatly into larger lamps, pendant lights or carriage light fixtures; anywhere there is a standard Edison light socket.  Once installed you have not only a high quality speaker system but you gain a super efficient lighting system that will last decades and because it saves energy and therefore your money, it will literally pay for itself over time.   But the LightSpeaker is much more than just a speaker and a light, it is also a control system that allows you to operate both the light and the audio from anywhere in your home.  The RF remote can switch between two different audio sources, control the volume,  not to mention turn the LED lights on/off and dim them to suit your lighting moods.  Further you can divide your home into two separate areas and each area can listen to either source whenever they want.  Further the LightSpeaker is part of a greater overall audio system that allows you to add bass with the SubWoofer and take your music outdoors with the landscape friendly AudioRock. 

How does it sound?

The LightSpeaker system delivers great sounding CD quality stereo audio.  We think that one listen will make you a convert!  In two years of demonstrating the LightSpeaker we have yet to meet anyone who is not both surprised and impressed with the audio quality.  Our patents which give us a huge advantage since we have the right to use digital signal processing (DSP) to our benefit.  Whereas most speakers, most box speakers included, can only design around 1 or 2 or 3 frequency bands, our technology allows us to manipulate and control up to 20 discrete audio frequency segments.  The musical output from this type of control is unbelievable!  It means we can get more out of a 3” driver than most can get out of a 2 or 3 way system of much larger size.   The SubWoofer adds additional bass for those who require more, but we often suggest trying it without the sub first, you’re going to be surprised.

Does your system have any “green” elements to it?

LightSpeaker utilizes state of the art “green” high efficiency LED lighting.  The 40,000 hour rated LED is equivalent to the life of 50 standard light bulbs.  You can save approx $80.00 or more annually!  LEDs are the future of lighting, and governments all over the world are realizing the benefits, not just to oil independence, but to a whole list of environmental advantages.  LEDs burn less energy than either incandescent and compact fluorescent lights, and they take less energy to be produced; equally important they are far more friendly to the environment when they are disposed of.   LED’s do not use any mercury in their production and because of this do not pose health risks or need special handling (like compact fluorescent lights) when you dispose of them or worse break one in your home.

What does the average system look like and cost?

The LightSpeaker System is designed to allow you to start as small or large as you want.  The basic starter kit consists of two LightSpeakers, a control station and a RF remote control; once you have the control station you can add more components whenever your needs or budget grows.  Add bass with the SubWoofer or put music by the pool or barbeque with the AudioRock.  The AudioRock requires absolutely no wires, it has a lithium Ion battery that will last 8-12 hours on a single charge and will blend nicely into your landscaping, it’s highly water resistant, and so portable you can move it from the barbeque to the hot tub in a few seconds.  The average home has sound in 4 rooms.  This includes 2 subs, a wireless AudioRock, and 8 LightSpeakers.  This system package totals  $3300.00 AND can be installed in less than an hour!  Keep in mind there are NO  holes to cut OR any wires to run:)

What is the largest system in place as of today? 

There are many things that can affect the number of LightSpeakers that can be placed on network, distance, the number of walls it needs to penetrate, the makeup of the walls themselves.  For example; is one of the walls a heavy rock fireplace, or does it need to penetrate 7 or 8 walls to reach a back bedroom?  We recommend a system as having 8 LightSpeakers, four rooms of stereo, but there is a system in a business in Toronto, Canada that consists of 20 LightSpeakers, 4 subwoofers, and 4 remote controls.  There  is another system in New Zealand using 24 LightSpeakers where some of the units are over 150 feet from the controller.  One of the true advantages of the LightSpeaker system is that it  can so easily be tested in the places you intend to use it.

What is the ideal location for this product?

The LightSpeaker is designed to go anywhere a normal speaker might be used or really anyplace you’d like music; so the answer is wherever you ‘d use a speaker the LightSpeaker can probably go there.  It’s just that we’ve designed it to blend with the décor of the room, by being totally hidden.  It’s really an ideal solution for many small business’ because it can easily grow with the company or move with them should they change locations.  Think about it?  From a business perspective, once you invest in the LightSpeaker system, anytime you move, expand or change locations the LightSpeaker system goes with you; you don’t need to re-invest in a new sound system – your next system is essentially free.  Of course the same thing applies to the homeowner.  Think about what this means for those who rent apartments, or persons whose jobs keep them moving from location to location.  It can be particularly important to condo owners whose CC&R’s prevent them from cutting into walls or ceilings.  Of course we had in mind all of the 110 million homes in America that were built without structured wiring.   Practically anywhere!  Apartments, Condo-Homes, boardrooms, specialty shops, restaurants, conference centers….The list goes on and on!

Is there anything “special” you can tell us about this product?

Yes, not only can our LightSpeaker fit in most 5″ or 6″ cans, it can also be used with an average table or floor standing lamp!  Simply remove the light bulb currently in place and replace it with the LightSpeaker.  It’s that simple!  The operational simplicity of the system allows it to be easily and simply placed into a home or business.  Even simple, traditional distributed audio systems can cost $10,000 dollars or more when retrofitted into a home, and on top of that might take a week or two of cutting, climbing, and sweating the system into place.  Then there are amplifiers, switchers, remotes and volume controls to be purchased; all mechanical and each with their own set of challenges.  Once you have a LightSpeaker system all you need is a music source- no racks of equipment- and you are good to go!  Think about it?  Four rooms of distributed audio, add two or three areas of outdoor music, throw in a couple of subwoofers in the main listening areas and you’re in and out of the job in an hour, and for 1/3 to ½ the cost of a wired system!   

Krista Bergman

Prior to joining IAV Bergman was the National Sales Manager for Bitwise Controls.  Krista brings more than 19 years of experience, including 17 years as Director of Strategic Accounts at Sonance.  Bergman is responsible for managing IAV LightSpeaker’s sales teams and promoting the IAV LightSpeaker brand.