Why should home owners be focused on using advanced technology that improves the HVAC system?

Given today’s economy and market conditions, everyone is looking for ways to reduce monthly expenses without sacrificing function or style. According to Energy Star, 50% of residential energy costs are associated with heating and cooling activities so HVAC is a great place to look for savings.

In addition, wireless technology and home automation have made life more convenient…from mobile phones to remote home energy monitoring…and the HVAC system should not be left out. Full system automation, touch screen programming, energy conservation settings, and personalized room-based temperatures are all achievable, and affordable, due to advances in technology.

Why is wireless technology such a good fit for energy efficiency applications?

Construction and design strategies have changed a lot in recent years with a particular focus on energy efficiency but you still have a lot of existing homes and building that need to be retrofitted with energy saving solutions.

Wireless technology is perfect for these types of energy efficient remodeling applications because limited electric and structural rework is required. This can save the homeowner significant money on installation costs and reduce the complexity for contractors and builders.

How has home automation enhanced the features for HVAC zoning?

Wireless automation provides the next of level of sophistication to HVAC zoning by increasing the number of controllable zones, automating energy efficient programming from a single location and providing connections through a secured wireless mesh to allow home owners to control the temperature in every room.

Just imagine…no more arguments over setting the temperature on the thermostat. Now every room can be set to a unique temperature based on individual comfort goals. And by directing conditioned air to high priority rooms, users can realize significant reductions in energy utilization.

How does aerodynamic technology drive more comfort options for home owners?

By controlling the pressure, velocity and angle at which the conditioned air enters the room you can create superior air mixing that leads to more even feeling temperatures , reduced HVAC drafts and less system run time.

Advector Systems products use wireless connections and automated energy efficient settings to control the air patterns associated with the HVAC system for optimal distribution results.

How much can a homeowner expect to save on their energy bill with wireless HVAC Automation?

If you think about the everyday method to manage energy consumption with lighting, water, natural gas and electronics its based on usage…for example you only turn on lights in rooms being used and you turn off the television when it is not being watched.

But when you turn on your HVAC system it heats and cools rooms that are not occupied resulting in wasted energy and higher bills. And because of the centralized location of the primary thermostat it is difficult for you to get the perfect temperature in some areas of your house which can lead to longer system run times and increased energy usage.

Our products utilize wireless technology to extend the reach of the primary thermostat and provide room-based temperature controls. This gives you the ability to set the temperature in every room based on your comfort and energy efficiency goals. We have also redesigned the way that the air enters a room using aerodynamic principles to provide better air flow distribution that helps you achieve the desired temperature as quickly as possible. Additionally, infrared temperature sensing are used to provide the most accurate measurements.

By applying these technologies our tests have suggested that you can realize savings of up to 40% on heating and cooling activities.

How does the system work and what new equipment would be installed?

The SELECT-AIR SYSTEM is a wireless automation zone control solution that increases comfort through the use of enhanced room-based HVAC zones and reduces monthly bills through energy efficient programming. The system utilizes advanced IEEE 802.15.4 wireless communications and home automation technology to deliver flexible design options with limited required maintenance.

The system consists of:

The inVENT wireless damper that replaces existing metal registers and combines an HVAC damper, air register, and diffuser into one aesthetically superior product that provides complete airflow control to help manage comfort and energy utilization.
The ADVISOR 20-zone control and logic system with integrated programmable wireless thermostat combines the features and functions of a traditional thermostat with advanced wireless capabilities and a completely automated application interface. With built in custom software and firmware settings, the ADVISOR eliminates the need for a separate, and costly, zone control panel and allows users to control up to 4 separate HVAC systems from a single location. The ADVISOR installs simply as a replacement to traditional digital thermostats.
The FLEX is a wireless remote temperature sensor that can be installed in any room to extend the reach of a centralized thermostat allowing for different temperatures to be set for every room of the home or office. The FLEX is equipped with an integrated light switch and replaces the existing light switch in any location where dedicated room-based temperatures are required.

The system works when the ADVISOR, FLEX and inVENT are wirelessly linked to create a room-based zone. The ADVISOR controls the on/off functionality of the HVAC system as well as monitors and makes adjustments based on the preprogrammed energy efficient settings. The FLEX and inVENT control temperature settings and manage the flow of conditioned air to the zoned location.

Is the system compatible and controllable with other home automation systems?

The first operating system release is based on IEEE 802.15.4 standard, one of the predominate wireless standards used in home automation, but it will not have interoperable capabilities.

The ability to integrate the products into a full home automation system will be available in the second product release which is scheduled to be available in Q3 of 2011.

What other improvements are you working on for the future?

At Advector, we are focused on science and advances in technology to bring home owners solutions that enhance their home experience and bring cost savings through smart management of resources.

We see a great potential in the integration of home automation with smart grid and energy management software. We envision that our future solutions will monitor HVAC performance over time and make recommendations based on past usage, previous temperature preferences and seasonal changes to further enhance comfort and energy saving results.