From simple controllers for lighting or home theater to whole home automation systems that control entertainment, temperature, lighting, and security, the residential home automation market is exploding. It is a $3.5 billion end user business now and is anticipated to swell to $6.0 billion by 2012. The reason – a home automation system not only brings ease and enjoyment to a home, but offers energy efficiency, value and distinction to any home.

While offices, schools and businesses are accustomed to having their lighting and cooling systems tied together, growing consumer sophistication and needs (along with more affordability) are creating an explosion in demand in the home consumer market.

With just one simple remote, home automation technology provides consumers with control over their music, movies, lights, temperature, and even security systems from anywhere in their house. This innovative technology has become more advanced and is more affordable than ever, is easy enough for every member of the family to use and enjoy, and able to be installed in existing homes as well as new ones.

Today’s experts say that home computers and media networking are driving a lot of the consumer interest as homebuyers try to maximize broadband internet connections. As a result, structured wiring also becomes a key and necessary component in many new upscale housing developments—and the demand is expected to continue. The good news is, using this structured wiring is possible in either new or existing construction and is really no different than working with any other type of structured wiring needed for home automation, thereby making it more affordable and dependable for the consumer.

Many of today’s home automation systems—like Control 4—offer added benefits that go well beyond just linking together entertainment and home theater systems. They can also provide energy savings by reducing electricity consumption and controlling heating and cooling costs. By tying heating and cooling controls to alarm systems, for example, homeowners can ensure their thermostats will “dial down” to an “away” setting as soon as the alarm is armed. Similarly, lighting can be connected, allowing for on/off combinations programmed to related alarm-system settings. Dimmers are another great way to save energy. Dimming lights by 25% reduces electricity consumption by 20% and quadruples the life of light bulbs.

The advantages of having a more energy efficient, eco-friendly home through home automation are only part of the benefits. A whole home automation system also adds to a home’s aesthetics, emotional appeal and enjoyment, making a home truly distinctive and more valuable to any home in today’s challenging real estate market.

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