When do you need a programmable logic controller?

– when there are more than four rooms with more that three zones of lighting.

– when the number of switches per room are more than two.

– when energy consumption is a concern.

– when turning lights on or off automatically is required.

– when an overide switch is needed on security lights.

– when switching outdoor lighting from the basement is not acceptable.

– when a motion sensor and a manual switch is required on the same light.

– when an all on/off control for lights is nice to have.

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– when the fireplace switch is part of the lighting keypad.

– when motorized drapery operates on a timetable.

– when audio volume control knob does not look nice.

– when lighting scene control is a great feature.

– when outdoor heaters require a time off control.

– when hot tub/pool temperature is a concern.

– when landscape lighting is on at sunset and off at sunrise.

– when operating electrical devices from a handheld remote control.

– when control from the Internet via a web site is cool.

– when programming is made simple and easy.

– when turning on/off a fountain from inside the house.

– when on vacation, have the house lighting go on/off to give a lived in look.

– when outdoor lights blink off and on when the security is in alarm.

– when hallway lights go on automatically in the evening.

– when motorized windows need to open/close from lighting keypads.

– when colour touchscreens are needed for whole house control.

– when telephone interface from anywhere in the world.

– when an outside door opens, a light goes on automatically.

– when garage lights go on when the garage door opens and off when it closes.

– when a distributed control system is desired over a central control system.

– when opening a driveway gate manually from inside the home.

– when conventional three way switching drives you crazy.

– when electrical devices go on/off in a sequence.

– when exhaust fans need another switch on the wall.

– when a photocell and manual control is needed on the same device.

– when thermostats add to the clutter of switches on a wall.

– when having to go outside to plug in xmas lights is a chore.

– when preparing for future voice control.

Basically, the answer to the above question is simple. When conventional electrical switching fails to deliver today’s and future control requirements.