You always waste energy by powering any electrical equipment, appliances or light bulbs when they aren’t needed for service. In this time of high-energy crisis, the cost of energy spending is a key issue for both the commercial building and the homeowner. Since the early days of electricity, the electric bill is rising annually. Dropping the unnecessary energy usage can considerably cut down energy operating expenses, which will reduce your electric bill. Energy expenses can be minimized sharply by monitoring and controlling the usage of a building’s electrical appliances, lighting or HVAC systems.

This editorial offer helps on energy management with a control scheme for small or mid sized commercial buildings or home which can result in significant energy cost savings as well as a number of other advantages. Shovon’s Webcomodore-X, A or R energy management controller with the combination of other energy efficient modules, can help to control centralize HVAC systems, lighting, hot water heaters, pool heater, washer and dryer, lawn irrigation system etc.

Shovon’s Internet ready, Webcomodore product line, introduces new and groundbreaking techniques to the marketplace. It utilizes the power of the Internet to generate value for users to administer energy spending. Web services are not only used for entertainment or information technology but also for building/home automation or for energy management. Webcomodore introduces a great new way to access and adjust settings for your appliances, lighting, air conditioner or sprinkler system via the Internet. It will also allow you the added benefit of viewing all events and status online. Webcomodore brings convenience by programming to virtually any electrical device in your home, office or buildings and give you comfort by monitoring your heat, air-conditioning and appliances performing the appropriate task at the appropriate time.

How it works:

Internet Access

Webcomodore X10/A10 Xmitter Power outlet

X10/A10 HVAC Attic fan Light Bulb


Sprinkler Syatem Outdoor lamp Kids room TV

The above picture shows how it works. All you need for networking in your house or building.

For the homeowner … a cable modem or DSL line is needed with static IP address in order to access your home from anywhere in the world. If you are not interested to access your home from Internet, you can use simple networking, like using a hub or router. They are very inexpensive to buy. For an office or building owner, most probably you already have some sort of networking; all you need is a static IP for the Webcomodore.

Webcomodore supports both X10 and A10 protocol. For commercial use A10 is widely known, for home use X10 is quite popular. Webcomodore does not require new wiring; it uses existing electrical line for communication. There are several big companies who make X10 or A10 receiver modules for the appliances or lighting systems.

The key features are:

Internet Enabled X10/A10 module controller
Stand alone server
No need for any PC to operate
Password protected
99 device timer
Online programming the modules
Online event and status viewing
Receive events by e-mail.
Online manual ON/OFF devices
Support Rain8 Sprinkler system
Support RCS TX15 Digital Setback Thermostat

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