It's no surprise that this year's InfoComm Show set attendance records. Attendance was up 5.6% to 39,105 from 108 countries. The popular seminars had to do with future trends with 5,600 attending acoustic to videoconferencing seminars.

As expected 4K resolution was the star attraction. Everything—from projectors to TVs— have upgraded from 2K to 4K. 4K images are so awesome with eye-popping sharpness, clarity and color duplication. The only drawback to 4K is the lack of content, which I suspect will catch up very quickly. And I just got used to 2K.  

Can it be true . . . 3D without the glasses? A groundbreaking product combines Leyard Photoelectronics Company's high-resolution LED panels with Dimenco’s No-Glasses 3D technology, resulting in the best quality large-scale 3D screen available (108"). Dimenco’s No-Glasses 3D Technology is based on applying an advanced optical layer in front of the LED screen to send different information to each eye, thereby creating a 3D perception. The new joint product eliminates all earlier size restrictions and makes No-Glasses 3D obtainable on a scale previously inconceivable. Their goal is to present No-Glasses 3D to anyone, everywhere, and on any device.

LG Electronics  unveiled the newest concept in full HD Video Wall displays with the world's slimmest bezel to bezel design – less than 2 millimeters. The VH7B Direct Backlit LED Display redefines the video wall category with its exceptionally thin bezel; and it features distinct new innovations that address the largest issues video wall customers face today.

The image is unrivaled when combined with the significant improvements LG achieved in maintaining the brightness uniformity across the screens, keeping the edges as bright as the center. To address the challenges of matching color and brightness across all panels, LG has incorporated factory calibration and efficient calibration tools that allow integrators to achieve an optimal image within 3-5 minutes per panel. LG was recognized with four awards, for their super-slim bezel video wall as the best and most innovative in its field.

The entire projection world is in total change. Manufactures are working on a lampless hybrid at the low-end. This type of projector is a low-lumen, LED/laser hybrid. The new laser phosphor projectors are filling in previous gaps in the mid-range and with lampless solutions, whole new markets are opening.

The Christie DWX555-GS 1DLP® projector, Featuring laser phosphor illumination


Touted as a major technological development that could eventually replace traditional lamp-based systems, manufacturers are bringing various laser-based projectors to market and describing these projectors as pure laser, laser phosphor, or laser phosphor hybrid. Laser-based projectors eliminate the need for lamp and filter replacements, providing 20,000 hours of low-cost operation.

Crestron's Fusion™ software provides complete visibility of every device in every room, in every building, around the campus, or around the world. The latest release of Crestron's Fusion is now available as a managed private cloud service, in addition to a traditional software download or pre-loaded on a rack server. Fusion Cloud Edition will appeal to smaller businesses that do not want to manage an on-premise solution.

Additionally, Fusion InSite provides interactive, real-time 360º 3D visualization of entire buildings across the enterprise and the status of the individual spaces within them.

Crestron control platforms integrate various systems and technologies that typically operate in silos so they work together as a single system. Audio, video, voice and data, lighting, security, digital signage, Building Management Systems (BMS), shades, and heating & cooling systems can be managed remotely and globally. Crestron software adds a layer of intelligence to turn an integrated building into a “smart” building, enabling complete Enterprise Building Management.

Previously introduced, the Microsoft Surface Hub still made a splash at InfoComm. It combines Windows 10, Skype for Business, Office, OneNote and Universal Windows apps to deliver a new kind of productivity experience optimized for groups.  

Surface Hub provides a full collaboration and communications product, covering everything from basic peer-to-peer presentation all the way through to multi-site, multi-room videoconferencing and data collaboration. Based on Windows 10 interface, the device is designed to be easy to use immediately. Surface Hub is integrated with optically bonded displays, capable of detecting 100 points of multitouch and up to three simultaneous pen inputs, dual 1080p front-facing video cameras, and a four-element microphone array that detects and follows voice to eliminate background noise during videoconferencing sessions. 

The TC Group has announced the launch of Tannoy’s AMS series of surface mount architectural loudspeakers.  

Tannoy’s AMS series loudspeakers comprises seven models ranging in three form factors from 5in to 8in, all with an IP65 rating, which is among the highest in the industry. UUMW ICT driver versions are also available. The technical heart of AMS is Tannoy’s Omnimagnet technology and the Torus Ogive Waveguide device. Together these provide benefits such as more consistent and controlled directivity and improved HF response.

Audinate showcased its Dante Via software, which is a revolutionary software application that broadens audio networking to include USB, FireWire, Thunderbolt-enabled audio devices, and any audio application. This software transforms computer audio interfaces and soundcards into networked devices that can connect with each other and with over 400 Dante-enabled products.

Material can be placed into everyone’s hands, securely without the Internet – anywhere, at any time. Their system allows anyone to directly screen share anything from that person's computer, in a local environment, to smart devices, with the company's proprietary software.

InFocus’ LightCast technology allows people to wirelessly transmit content from their Windows, Apple OSX and iOS, and Android devices to a display screen or projector.

LightCast devices also offer whiteboard tools, which let users draw, highlight, annotate and capture notes that they can share with anyone via email. Rounding out LightCast’s functionality is a Web browser to enable Internet access without being connected to a separate device. JTouch with LightCast is the company’s first device with the new technology built in.

Visix, Inc. has launched a new mobile wayfinding app for smartphones. The app can be used as an extension of traditional kiosk-based wayfinding or as a stand-alone solution. This app is a great way to expand both wayfinding and messaging services for an improved guest experience at colleges, corporate campuses and healthcare facilities.

Each app is custom branded and uses photography from the client’s facility. The app communicates with proximity beacons that are placed at directional milestones throughout a building. As visitors walk through, beacons report their arrival at key areas, and the app provides turn-by-turn directions paired with photos from the facility. The battery-powered proximity beacons use Bluetooth to communicate with both iOS and Android devices. They cover a range of up to 150 feet, are completely wireless and easy to mount.

The app also leverages a macro-location technology called geofencing that draws a perimeter around a specified area. Powered by a smartphone’s GPS, the app knows when the geofence is penetrated, and it then sends a push notification to that person’s phone. This allows clients to give visitors directions from the parking lot to any space on campus.

This is just a sampling of what you missed if you didn't attend the best A/V show in the country.  Now is the time to start planning to attend InfoComm 2016 from June 4 -10, 2016 at the Las Vegas Convention Center.




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