Viewsonic’s Professional Series has always been the defacto go to monitor for graphics professionals and with good reason; easy color calibration and some of the fastest video response times of this current generation of LCD monitors make it a very easy choice.

Widescreen televisions have been popular for quite a few years now but desktop monitors have mainly stuck to standard 4:3 aspect ratio. Although the most obvious use for a widescreen computer monitor might be viewing of entertainment content it actually has a much more practical use. For people using Photoshop, 3D Max, Maya or any other of the modern graphics application screen real estate has always been a problem. The application’s toolbars and overlays usually means that’s your 1280×1024 desktop actually has only about 800×600 worth of useable work area. Most of these toolbars are easily hidden or movable but there is something about having everything available right there that makes my work flow feel more free. The biggest selling point of the the VP23330WB would have to be its native resolution. At 1920×1200 all of those toolbars can be placed freely and you still have an amazingly huge work area.

Opening two programs side by side is also possible with the VP23330WB. Having Photoshop open next to your 3d application makes texture painting a lot less tasking. Also using one side of the monitor for reference material is also a nice luxury.

The base allows you to lower and raise the monitor very easily. One of the good things about the base is how little desktop space it actually takes up. Some round bases make it difficult for you actually move the monitor up close to the front of your desk because the base pushes out too far. The cross setup used on all of Viewsonic’s Pro series allows you to push the monitor up as close as you like which is ideal if you work on tine stuff like pixel graphics.

The software included, Viewsonic Perfect Suite, allows you adjust all of the monitors setting from Windows itself. This is so much nicer than fiddle with the buttons on the monitor. You can save different color setting and switch between them with ease and you can run though the color calibration tutorial to get your color balance absolutely perfect. For graphics professionals this saves you a lot of time but also gives you unprecedented control. You can also rotate the monitor 180 degrees and perfect suite will automatically switch your desktop from landscape to portrait automatically.

Features :

* ClearMotiv 8ms video response time
Ultra-fast 8ms gray-to-gray video response enables digital HD broadcast-quality full motion video.
* ThinEdge maximizes your productivity
The ultra-slim 0.85″ bezel design enhances your visual experience with clean, minimalist borders around the active image area. Suitable for tiling and stacking.
* Ideal for multiple-monitor setups
ThinEdge minimizes bezel gaps between panels for a virtually continuous viewing area in multiple-panel setups.
* Pivot, height and wall-mount versatility
VESA® wall-mount interface and detachable base for ergonomic flexibility with pivot*, height, tilt and 270º swivel adjustments.
* PerfectSuite
Professional-grade LCD control software featuring color calibration, asset management, theft deterrence, and auto screen rotation
* High brightness and contrast
250-nit brightness (typ) and 800:1 contrast ratio (typ).
* Full 23″ viewable widescreen
* 1920×1200 optimum resolution and HDTV-720p compatible

MSRP: $1,559.00