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PureLink partner and professional AV integrator Advanced Light & Sound (ALAS), based in nearby Hudson, Wisconsin, was tasked with making sure the management and distribution of multiple video signal feeds made their way to the correct displays at their designated times during the many Big Game events taking place at the Minneapolis Armory.

ALAS provides design, integration, and installation services of custom electronics for residential and commercial applications. With over 20 years of experience in the custom electronics field, the company can take on any size project, from large commercial buildings to high end home theater and residential automation high end home theater and residential automation. ALAS is constantly researching the latest technologies as they are introduced to assure that their integration efforts focus on the most current and state-of-the-art products appropriate for each project.


The Minneapolis Armory is located in the revitalized East Town section of Minneapolis, just blocks from US Bank Stadium where the Big Game will be taking place this weekend. The armory was built for the Minnesota National Guard in 1935 and was later home to the NBA’s old Minneapolis Lakers (before they moved to LA). At one point in 1993 it was in danger of being torn down to make space for a county jail, but the MN Historical Society intervened and instead the site was listed on the National Register of Historic Places. In 2015 it was purchased by a local development firm and it has now been transformed from a parking garage into an 8,000 seat sports and entertainment events venue. After a $50 million-dollar renovation it is now about to become the centerpiece of celebrations before, during and after the big game.


 With a number of pre-game events and celebrations happening at the Armory during this week, the facility’s audiovisual infrastructure will be heavily utilized. The A/V systems will have to operate at peek efficiency, routing multiple signals over their IP network. This will include live event broadcast truck feeds, pre-recorded media content and messaging, as well as computer graphics and imagery. These signals will be sent either during performances, in between events, or in a constant stream to monitors and digital signage displays at the bars, luxury suites, shops, and other common areas within the facility.


ALAS was brought on to implement PureLink’s VIP-300 IP Video Distribution System in a 10×45 matrix all utilizing PureLink’s VPX control automation software. The VPX IP Video Management Software offers advanced system tools that simplify setup and operation of the system, including automatic discovery of VIP transmitter and receiver modules, preset and automation schedule creation, external control API, detailed diagnostic reporting, and more. The flexibility and ease of integration offered by PureLink’s VIP/VPX product line also allowed the VIP-300 system to work transparently with the existing Juniper network switches.

From ALAS’ perspective the performance of the VIP systems installed was flawless. “The VIP300H-U has been streaming beautifully,” stated Ross Goulette, owner of Advanced Light & Sound. “The system was very easy to setup, and the pre-configuration services offered by PureLink made uptime quick, saving significant time and labor costs,” he added.


PureLink’s VIP-300H-U UHD 4K HDMI & USB/KM over IP distribution system provides UltraHD/4K video, audio, RS-232, IR, and USB distribution and matrix switching capabilities over IP networks. It can be used as a point-to-point extension system supporting distances up to 390 feet (120 meters), as well as multi-signal distribution, switching, and matrix switching system using the VPX IP Video Management Software. “The VPX software was a breeze to use, the devices were quickly discovered, the I/O matrix was automatically generated, and all of the setup tools in VPX made the project almost effortless,” stated Goulette. “The VPX user interface is intuitive and easy to operate, and everyone involved with the VIP/VPX system, from design and installation to the end user, is extremely pleased,” he concluded.

Considering the huge amounts of funds invested into the Minneapolis area over the years leading up to the Big Game, it is vital for a new facility like the Minneapolis Armory that everything unfold without a hitch. During these types of high profile, high pressure live events, the city and its business community are on full display, and the way they manage and coordinate everything goes a long way towards determining the success or failure of the host city’s efforts. In this case PureLink and Advanced Light & Sound were able to do their part to ensure that all of the planned events during this time of ultra-high visibility have the technology and resources available to make certain that this Super Week in Minneapolis is truly Super Charged.


  • VIP-300H-U Tx Ultra HD/4K HDMI & USB/KM over IP Transmitter (Encoder)
  • VIP-300H-U Rx Ultra HD/4K HDMI & USB/KM over IP Receiver (Decoder)
  • VPX IP Video Management Software

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