Today we live in a content enriched, always on, always available world. Most of us have become information processors. The more information and the more accurate information we have, the more quickly we can make accurate decisions.

The challenge is that we have information coming at us from everywhere. At the same time we never know when we are going to need vital information.

That’s seldom a problem when we are working in our office or in a meeting. As a general rule our notebook computer is open and the information is readily available. Our high capacity hard drive is available so we can readily store and retrieve any of our content…music, videos, music-enabled presentations, documents, data, images.

Our content continues to grow in leaps and bounds coming at us from the four corners of the compass and around the globe.

To have just the right information with us at just the right time, we began doing what most people – young and old – do…we added USB drives to the collection of things we carry with us all the time.

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Our collection includes several 2GB Verbatim Store ‘n Go U3 drives. We chose them because they had trustworthy security and the U3 Launchpad meant that we could use the drive on another individual’s or organization’s computer and when the work was done remove the Store ‘n Go drive leaving no trace of our activity behind.

This worked very well when we are on holiday and use an internet café computer to send/receive emails. We simply never had to worry about anyone being able to dig into the system’s records and extract personal or company private information.

But increasingly we have had to carry more content, data and information with us all the time.

While 2-4GB USB drives are economic, 8GB and above drives are extremely expensive. We needed an option that would enable us to take a full range of information and data with us reliably, easily and economically.

For some time we felt the only solution was to break files and folders into segments and carry 4-6 Store ‘n Go USB drives. They were certainly easy to carry with us all the time and much easier to take through airport security – especially with the stories we had heard of notebooks being dropped and the hard drives crashing or worse yet the relatively unprotected notebook being stolen leaving all of the content/data exposed to the world.

But early this year we read about miniscule hard drives that can store huge amounts of data in a unit slightly larger than a USB flash drive.

The unit we purchased was a Verbatim Store ‘n Go 12GB USB HD. It was a sleek, rugged case that provided added protection to the 1-inch HD inside.

The Store ‘n’ Go Drive is highly compact and delivers high performance, low power consumption and superior reliability. This makes it extremely convenient to carry and have immediately available almost all of your vital information such as emails, photos, personal calendars, presentations and video files.

We’ve found that the small unit really provides a true portable working environment with a flip-out USB connector and USB extension cable. With the device, we’re able to can carry and access up to 12 hours of MPEG-1 video, about 6,000 300-DPI photos, 6 hours of DVD-quality video or tens of thousands of personal or business documents.

It’s extremely impressive to pull the small device out of your pocket, plug it into a client’s computer and play a 10-minute video presentation on the content of their new web site as well as an automated presentation complete with background music. And we still have capacity to hold all of our email addresses, email folders and pertinent client documents.

One of the real advantages of the Verbatim Store ‘n Go 12GB USB HD is that the sleek USB storage device comes pre-loaded with Mobile Launchpad.

Similar to the U3 platform, it includes and makes available applications that can be run on the platform including email clients, file sharing, games, instant messengers, media players, PIMs, news readers, photo editors, search engines, security software, toolbars, utilities, web browsers and more.

This is a utility for downloading applications that can be run directly from the Verbatim USB Drive. The Mobile Launchpad also allows you to have complete access to personal files and data without loading the content on a guest system. For quick and immediate access, the drive can also be used in the familiar drag ‘n’ drop mode.

When we want to use the 12GB Store ‘n Go, we simply plug it into our USB port and a blue light tells you when the device is being written to or downloaded from. The unit initially gives you a choice of browsing the contents on the drive or launching the Mobile Launchpad. The Launchpad gives you a choice of using the Easy Access menu or the compact information bar. The bar lets you access the toolbar as well as the ejection button.

Since the Verbatim Store ‘n Go has its own portable operating system, it’s ideal for taking nearly all of your really important work with you without having to lug along your computer – even if yours is like ours an ultralight.

For example a few months ago we were on holiday in Mexico. We had taken along our ultralight, almost out of habit, but the condominium we rented didn’t have “decent” internet connectivity.

Rather than be out of touch with the world for four days, we went to a local internet café and used their high-speed connectivity.

We were able to send/receive emails, send documents and presentations to individuals and even select and send photos upon request. As with most 24×7 businesses, we were also able to download a presentation that needed to be cleaned up and polished for one of our senior executives who had to make a speech a few days later.

We reduced our connect time charges by taking the presentation back to the condo, working on it, loading it back onto the Verbatim 12GB USB HD and sending it to the executive from the Internet café.

We didn’t worry about putting any of our content, data or information on the host computer which someone else could accidentally or purposely access and use.

Providing a true portable working environment with a flip-out USB connector and USB extension cable, the unit is highly compact and delivers high performance, low power consumption and superior reliability. With a street price under $145, the unit comes with an extension USB cable and leatherette carrying case.

The Verbatim Store ‘n Go 12GB USB drive has a one-year warranty and is compatible with Windows XP, Mac OSX and Linux OS. The Mobile Launchpad however is only compatible with Windows XP.

The unit transfers 41MB of data in 14seconds and has enabled us to stream large video files to a computer screen without dropping frames. It has now become a file moving workhorse in our office because people can use it to quickly download huge files and move them immediately to another computer without worrying about drive set-up.

The tremendous capacity, combined with Mobile Launchpad, makes it convenient for users to store mobile applications on the Store ‘n’ Go USB Drive, ready to use wherever you go.

In a period where time, accuracy and security are important, we found the Verbatim Store ‘n Go 12GB USB HD a smart solution for people who want information instantly available 24×7 that is safe and secure. It’s a great way to keep your content personal.