We’re getting ready for an anniversary party in a few weeks (won’t tell you how many years) and wanted to enhance the media room by showing some artwork on the screen rather than just have a big black box staring at our guests as they wander around the place. TVscreenART is just what we were looking for. These DVD’s are wonderful in that they show off some beautiful scenery, flowers or now even watercolor splashes either silently or set to music. The screen can either show the images as a random slide show or with slowly panning motion which gives a very nice effect to a stagnant room.

Currently there are 3 different DVD’s

“Angel Flowers” plays each of the 18 gorgeous flower images for app. 5 minutes in slow movement.

“Southwest Impressions” plays each of the 18 stunning landscape images for app. 5 minutes in slow movement.

“Dance of Light” plays each of the 18 lovely images in slow movement


TVscreenART DVDs are mastered separately for both wide screens and regular screens. Both formats (4:3 and 16:9) are on the same DVD.

Each image can be played in an endless loop. Random play, Gallery play and the Portfolio modes are also endless loops.

Each DVD features a portfolio presentation with music. The Gallery presentation is without sound to enable longtime loops without getting tired of repeating music.

There are only two levels of menus. The main programs can be chosen from the main menu. Also, if no action is taken for two minutes the DVD goes into the random play mode. This auto-play feature can be used for easy starts by simply inserting the DVD into the player.

These DVD’s are offered at $25 each and well worth it if you want to bring added life to your home theater display. TVscreenART also offers a subscription with six new DVD releases per year.