1. Exactly what does your company do?

We provide our clients the most reliable and largest selection of high quality TV lift furniture in the world. We cater to top Interior Design Firms, Audio Video Companies, Hotels, A list celebrities and direct to the Consumer. We provide top customer service and tech support to our clientele and offer the most complete must have options such as our 360 Degree swivel, Hidden Component Sections and Full home automation connectivity with the latest in state of the art technologies.

2. How long has your company been in business?

Our company was founded in September 2002. Our furniture craftsman have over 25 years of extreme high quality furniture construction and proven unique designs. Our latest edition to our company is Coastal Elements by Cabinet Tronix which we just launched this summer 2010. This new line fulfilled the missing link to our business. Now we offer a very exotic high end modern line in stock and ready to ship priced very well for the all the included features and options. We have almost sold out on a couple styles from off the start. Please keep visiting our site for new updates and specials.

3. What’s the biggest account you have taken on?

MGM Signature Towers in Las Vegas, We completed 540 TV lift cabinets covering all three towers on every floor. This project was a full install on site and took nearly a year to complete. To this day we do not get any service calls due to how precise we where with the complete operation on all aspects of this project. This lead us to many more hotel projects which continue through today and the near future.

4. Why is your furniture different from other similar TV lift companies?
We offer the industry’s most impressive full service 5 year warranty on the lift system and swivel, Our lift is a premium ultra quiet and smooth telescoping system. We have the largest selection of any other TV lift cabinet company in the world, One of the only very few company’s to offer a 360 Degree swivel as an option and we are also one of the only companies that has both a full line of complete in stock ready to ship units and custom made to order with short lead times. We also offer more exclusive options such as a full color touch screen universal remote, Custom Finishes, Furniture resizing and IR or Dry contact adapters for the professional A/V installer.

5. Why is your TV lift furniture concept so desirable in homes and hotels?
We cleverly addressed the most asked question ever since the invention of the TV… Where do we put the TV? With the popularity of the Plasma, LCD and LED super slim TV’s. The demand for hiding the TV has grown enormously. With more and more high rises with incredible views, high demand for extra floor space and even for people with bad vision. Our Automated TV lift cabinet designs take advantage of leaving a very small foot print and giving back the client the original views that they where meant to have in their bedrooms and or living room area. No more exposed cables and A/V gear or drilling holes in the walls. Lastly in large master bedrooms no one wants a TV that sits so far away that they can barely see it or put a TV on top of a dresser with all the cables exposed.

Our company has taken this concept in the market to a completely new level especially with latest in ultra thin TV displays technology.

6. What do you see in the future with your TV lift furniture company?
With the ability of larger full production furniture runs and TV technology advancing to an all in one concept. We will be able to provide more unique and slim lined designs at much more affordable prices. We seek to have a more physical presence nation wide and globally so the masses can see and touch the quality and technology that we promise to give them. Plus continue to fill this ever evolving market with beautiful designs and technologies that conceal and reveal the TV with the push of a button.