Wow … I never thought being a weatherman would be so much fun. The latest addition to our Home Demonstration Project is La Crosse’s latest touchscreen weather station (Model WS-2510). The weather station is a stand alone system that comes with all the sensors that you need to give you up to the minute data (inside and out). It also has a weather predictor that is uncanny. In fact it made me mad the first time I set it up.

I received the system 2 days before a planned gathering of about 30 people at the Home Demo. I decided that I’d at least like to have something set up to showcase so out came the instructions for a quick install. I must admit … I was impressed with the simplicity of setup. Once I plugged in the touchscreen panel and set it on the table all I had to do was insert a small magnet into each of the sensors in turn to activate it. As soon as the panel recognized a wireless input from the sensor … (just a minute or so) I could move on to the next until all 4 supplied sensors were recognized and starting to read out on the display. That was it as far as electronics is concerned. Now all I needed to do was go and locate the sensors where they would gather the appropriate data. In my case I just ran around and placed them wherever I could … intending to return later and do a permanent installation. Each of the sensors is powered by a small battery that is kept charged by a photovoltaic solar cell. What a great solution … wireless in every respect.

The system keeps track of indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity, wind direction and velocity, solar intensity and rainfall. All of these variables are displayed on a very elegant touchscreen panel that can be wall mounted or set on a table. The display also shows the time and date and has a graphing feature that lets you view the history (last 24 hours or last 8 days) of any of the variables at the touch of a finger. Also, most of the display fields … if touched … show other variations of that variable. For example … touch a temperature readout once and it displays the dewpoint … touch again and it gives the temperature accounting for wind chill.
D-Tools Integrator

In the center of the display is a graphic depiction of the weather forecast. 4 possibilities … sun, sun and cloud, cloudy and rain. Here’s where I got mad at the system. A few hours after I’d set it up … the rain graphic was displayed. I looked outside and it was a brilliantly sunny July day. I tuned in the radio weather forecast and they said we could get showers in a few days … but the day of our gathering was to be sunny and warm. Whew!

The rain forecast stubbornly remained on the display and sure enough … just as our guests began to arrive … the sky opened and the rain came pouring down. Could the weather station have caused this just to prove a point 🙁 I’ll never question it again … I promise.

Needless to say … the weather station was the talk of the day … and everyone there was totally impressed with the look and feel of the product. Fortunately … it changed to a sunny with clouds display later in the day and we all enjoyed a pleasant west coast afternoon.

Lacrosse’s MSRP is $699 for this model but of course they have a wide range of weather products for all interests and budgets.


* Includes display, (4) sensors and mounting hardware
* Indoor temperature, humidity, and pressure (internal sensor)
* Wireless outdoor
* Eight possible wireless temperature and humidity transmitters (indoor and outdoor)
* LCD back light
* Touch-Screen panel for data access
* Minimum/maximum data for all readings with time and date recorded
* History for all data can be viewed on chart (from 24 hours to eight days)
* Air pressure display with 24 hour bar chart history
* Weather forecast icon and pressure trend indicator
* Wireless rain gauge (solar powered) tracking rainfall amount for last hour, last 24 hours and total amount
* Wireless wind-gauge (solar powered) tracking speed and direction
* US/metric option for all data
* Lux sensor for light measurement
* Current outdoor brightness from 0 to 200,000 Lux
* Simultaneous display of all weather information
* Manual set time and date
* Solar-powered outdoor sensors with rechargeable Lithium battery backup (included)
* Includes (1) WS2010-15 wind-gauge, (1) WS2010-16 rainfall sensor, (1) WS2010-20 indoor temp & humidity sensor, (1) WS2010-25 outdoor temp & humidity
* Free standing or wall hanging display