In recent years, the IT needs of small businesses and SOHOs have evolved. Having a computer with access to the Internet is good enough for a home user to check email or surf the Web, but not enough to run a viable business.

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For years SOHOs and small businesses have been asking for a way to conduct business on their terms, and yet to be empowered with the tools they need to stay competitive. This requires an effective IT environment, but most people are not IT experts and it is difficult for them to shell out the thousands of dollars it usually takes to watch someone with IT knowledge set up the different portions of the system for them.

Almost every SOHO and small business is limited by three things; time, money and space; and at the end of the day what they really want is an IT environment that allows them to do their work with the peace of mind that it’s going to meet their needs without having to pay someone an exorbitant amount of money to set up and maintain it. After all, nobody has enough time these days, in a SOHO, space is almost always at a premium, and for small businesses, they’re very cost sensitive because they’re often spending their own money.

To properly enable a small office or SOHO, an IT pro would have to have multiple systems for deployment as well as a router, switch, server hardware, email software, anti-virus, firewall, and a network operating system, i.e. Windows NT/2000/2003, Linux, Netware, and Unix. And let’s not forget they need someone to configure it and make it all work. What happens to the business when the system crashes right when the IT guy is out of town? It quickly grinds to a halt and the businessperson is left holding the bag.

It is true in almost every case that price is, in fact, an object. The challenge these people face is that if they want a good environment, however the price is too prohibitive. In many cases it can easily cost an initial $5,000 to $10,000 for the necessary hardware and software, and the implementation and other services can cost even more.

EmergeCore Networks has a product that has taken the market by storm because it provides a solution that people have been craving for years. The award-winning IT-100, or “IT in a Box”® is an all-in-one solution that overcomes the limitations of time, money and space for SOHOs and small business. It is small, quiet (fanless), easy to use, and carries a price tag of only $1,395.

The IT-100 combines 20 gigabytes of storage Express Setup, Multiple Domains, Web Server, FTP Server, File Server, Alarms, Proxy Server, NAT, 4 Port Switch, Website Builder, eCommerce, Upgrade, Router, Domain Users, DNS Server, Email Server, DHCP Server, Statistics, Firewall, Wireless Access Point, Backup/Restore and VPN services.

If all the features and resources packed into the “IT in a Box” seem necessary, yet daunting, don’t worry; EmergeCore’s Web Management tool is an intuitive graphical user interface that allows non-technical people to configure and maintain IT network services. We have taken the fear out of system management for the small business owner by providing simple, easy to use, management tools. By following the Quick Start instructions, and with a click of the mouse, in minutes, even people with just a minimum knowledge of networks can configure the required IT services.

Many users have found the wireless capabilities of the IT-100 to be particularly useful because they make it relatively easy to build a network of PCs and hook them up to the Internet without having to pull Ethernet cables around the building or drilling holes in walls. The hard drive allows for file sharing, running an e-mail network and hosting a Website. The IT-100 includes separate ports to connect a broadband modem and wired PCs if needed as well as two USB ports. And for telecommuters, the VPN functions can be used to remotely connect to the office network, and allow multiple remote offices to securely connect to the head office.

As we all know, peace of mind is priceless; thankfully, the IT-100 is nearly maintenance free since it does not run other software than its own so the chances of a system crash or conflict are minimal.

EmergeCore has made it possible to gain a competitive edge and grow a business by utilizing an integrated technology solution. The “IT in a Box” is the answer for SOHO and small business owners who want a reliable, secure, and easy to use platform that has the services required for a business to be competitive in today’s economy.

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Dave Brown is President and CEO of EmergeCore Networks. He has 25 years of Networking experience as well as an in depth knowledge of the networking industry from both a technical and marketing aspect. Dave was the original founder of Cyberhighway Internet Services in 1995. He and his partners created a highly successful franchising model before selling to a publicly traded company in 1999. Dave’s belief in the product and at the request of the DBSI Group Board of Directors, he returned to management after a 2-year retirement. Dave also holds Board of Directors positions at other technology companies.