We all know how much the use of technology has increased in our homes as time has become more precious and as we have seen some of the benefits to be gained. Technology now takes many forms ranging from the TV, Hi-Fi and Home Cinema; to gadgets, Prontos and Internet connected computers; to alarm systems and kitchen appliances; all the way up to dimmable lighting and home control. However, whilst all of the technologies are useful in their own right, they also usually operate in isolation!

Just imagine being able to answer visitors that ring your doorbell – from anywhere in the world; enjoy your complete music collection anywhere around your home, in the car, at sea, or in the air; have a home cinema where everything works seamlessly together with a single control that also takes care of the lighting and curtains; have a home that always appears occupied…and much more!

The following is an illustration of some of the benefits that you too can achieve with technologies that are integrated throughout the home to work together seamlessly and easily and how the team at Whole Home Systems can make this possible for you. In our next emagazine issue … part 2 will describe some of the technologies behind this vision.

Imagine this?

Take a cold late autumn afternoon?

As you drive towards your home at dusk, the front gates open for you, and close behind you. Your driveway is clearly illuminated guiding you to your garage, the door of which has opened in readiness for you. As you make your way to your front door, the garage door is closed behind you and your courtyard is illuminated so as eliminate any dark corners.

When you open your front door, the hall lights come on and your courtyard lights dim gracefully as you make a safe entry to your home. Your wall-mounted control panel illuminates requesting your alarm access code. Once entered the panel welcomes you and indicates that there are some phone messages waiting for you, three emails, and a note from your partner. You read the note to find that your partner and children will be home in around 30 minutes. You decide to check the other messages later and wake up your home, increasing the overall temperature slightly to help you thaw out.

The curtains and blinds are already closed throughout your home and, deciding to change clothes, you make your way upstairs to your bedroom with the room lights automatically lighting your way. You walk to the bedside table and you choose the news channel using your wireless touch panel. The plasma TV appears from a hidden panel, turns on, and selects your chosen channel.

When you are ready, you select “Move to Lounge” from the control panel by the door. Your path is lit for you and by the time you reach the lounge, the plasma and lights in the bedroom have been turned off, the plasma has been returned to behind the panel, and the lights have come on in the lounge. The lounge plasma television has also appeared from its cabinet and is set to the same channel as you were watching in your bedroom.

As your family arrive home, a small picture appears in the corner of the plasma screen showing their car approaching the garage. The small picture automatically changes to a view of your courtyard as they leave the car and head for the front door, and the lights in the hall turn on in readiness for their arrival.

You head for the front door and press the “Lounge off” button on the control pad by the lounge door. The lights fade down behind you and the plasma screen disappears into its cabinet. You welcome your family at the front door and you all head to the kitchen and family room for your evening meal.

A single press of a button on the control pad as you enter the room and the area is set for a family meal with the lights bright around the kitchen area and more subdued around the table. The wall-mounted widescreen LCD television shows an entertainment menu and, after a vote, a satellite channel is chosen. When the meal is ready, the lights are dimmed in the kitchen area, and you all sit down to eat and catch up on your day together.

After your meal you visit the study to check your phone and email messages. While doing so you keep an eye on the sports channel. One of the messages needs a reply and you decide to use your laptop in the lounge, where the rest of the family is now watching a film on the large, otherwise hidden, ceiling mounted projector screen.

At the end of your evening together, you all retire to your bedrooms and put your home to sleep by choosing “Night mode” from the touch panel by your bed. Once the system has checked that all windows are closed and doors are locked, that the external and downstairs lights and entertainment systems are turned off, the security system is then activated. The volume of the music or television in your children’s rooms is also limited to acceptable levels of your choosing. At lights out, you can rest easy knowing that any significant movement outside will be announced, that your choice of lights will be turned on automatically, and any activity will be recorded as usual.
When it’s time to entertain, your home really comes to life!

When you are having a dinner party, your driveway, courtyard, and landscape lighting combine to illuminate your home dramatically, and you welcome your guests as background music plays continuously throughout your home as appropriate. When it is time for dinner and everyone moves into your dining room, a single button press changes the lighting and background music to give just the right ambiance.

For a livelier event, your chosen selection of music plays throughout the evening and music videos/DVDs are shown on the large projector screen in your games room for your younger guests while the volume is carefully controlled. Hidden lighting washes the walls with subtlety changing colors while other lighting effects play on the dance area.

Your kitchen, having been designed so that your friends can comfortably sit nearby while the final preparation and cooking is completed, turns from a family space to “party central” with a different choice of background music and more subdued lighting.

In the summer, and even on those lovely warm late autumn or early spring evenings, the entertainment space extends outside to include landscape, pool and patio lighting and music from weatherproof speakers. An external projector and screen can even be used to allow you and your guests to follow sporting action or enjoy a film.

The entertainment does not have to stop there either. Your family’s music collection can be replicated to your cars and second home (and even your yacht or private jet) so that you can enjoy your whole music collection wherever you are rather than restricting yourself to the six or ten CDs that live in the car or by the music system in your home!

Keeping an eye on your home and business properties when at home and away is just as easy. With broadband at home and at sea, you and the authorities can be notified immediately if anything untoward happens and appropriate action can then be taken, rather than having an alarm that’s ignored by everyone around. You can check what’s happening no matter where you are using any screen in your home or at work, on your yacht or private jet, or using a compatible PDA in any area with wireless coverage.

To improve security still further your curtains/blinds can open and close, your lights can turn on and off, and your TV or radio can come on according to your normal pattern of activity enhanced by slight randomisation.

For added flexibility and freedom at home, you will be able to use the Internet anywhere within the boundaries of your home using both wired and, sufficiently secured, wireless technologies. Combining this with an advanced phone system means that there will also be no need for you to run to the study to catch any important call. You will be able to enjoy sitting on the patio with full Internet and phone access, and can extend your virtual office into the garden to make the most of the fresh air on warm, clear days whenever you like.

Even your garden benefits from some integrated technology assistance. Saving you time and natural resources, your garden is automatically irrigated at night to look after the plants and lawn, and carefully placed and controlled lighting accentuates your landscape design whilst also improving security.

The possibilities are endless!

Welcome to the benefits of “Whole Home Systems”


Whole Home Systems are technologies that are integrated throughout the home to work together seamlessly and easily for your benefit as detailed in the illustration of a vision above, and in Part 2 where we discuss some of the details of the technologies behind the vision.

Imagination is the key though, and these articles are the tip of the iceberg just to show you some of the benefits that you too can achieve through the effective use of integrated technologies. After all time is precious, and appropriate, reliable integration tames independent technologies to achieve even more functionality and make “Your Life Easier Safer and More Enjoyable”.

Achieve your vision with Whole Home Systems, we are always happy to discuss the ideas that you have for your own home further with you to ensure that your home will meet your current needs, as well as being flexible enough to grow with you and your family in the future. It is your home and our aim is to work with you to achieve the maximum comfort, security, and enjoyment possible.

Just let your Imagination flow and please feel free to

Have a chat with either of our Directors – John or Kate – on +44 128 085 1006, or

Email us at Vision@WholeHomeSystems.co.uk if you prefer.

You’ll then see how the strong values of “Whole Home Systems” will provide you with the very best customer orientated service, and you will understand the difference that we will make to your life by providing you with the most appropriate solution to meet your individual needs and requirements.

About Whole Home Systems

Whole Home Systems is a division of Actio Limited – an established family controlled company that has invested heavily in achieving the necessary advanced training, knowledge, tools and resources to ensure that they reliably deliver the most appropriate solutions for their vast range of customers including architects, home builders, owners and every other party involved in a new or existing home; small businesses, and blue chip clients alike.

The two directors of Whole Home Systems draw on a combined experience of over 42 years in listening to, understanding, and satisfying the needs of a wide-range of customers worldwide. They believe in working hands-on with their customers and team, to ensure that the Company’s excellent standards never falter and that you consistently benefit from their vast expertise in achieving the most from advanced technology solutions around your home.

Being totally dedicated to customer success, they bring you leading edge design skills combined with an advanced knowledge of audio visual and entertainment systems, intruder and fire detection systems, communication technologies, home automation and custom installations, integrated with an in-depth background in electrical engineering, computer systems and programming, wired and wireless networking, project management, and insurance. All this and more united under one roof for your benefit.

As a result of their advanced knowledge, skills, and experience, you too can take easy control of anything from security to home entertainment – indoors, in your garden, or across the Internet – through a seamless, discrete system that is easy to use, compliments your home, enhances the benefits of individual technologies and works with you.

The wide choice of dependable solutions from Whole Home Systems accommodate varying needs and budgets whilst still incorporating reliable products from suppliers that believe that support is of paramount importance like they do. These solutions can be applied in both new and existing homes, on land and sea, and Whole Home Systems have also spent the necessary time to ensure that all of these options map through to provide similar successful solutions for conference centres, and business environments alike.

As Whole Home Systems is a family controlled business uniting a team of strong believers in “If a jobs worth doing, it’s worth doing well”, you can be confident that you will achieve the right results for your unique circumstances because you are dealing with a company that believes in providing a customer orientated service that has your needs at heart. They haven?t lost sight of the importance of values and special customer service and they have the skills and expertise to work directly with you to translate your individual requirements into a totally exclusive solution that meets your expectations.

Operating throughout the UK, Europe and beyond from offices based in the centre of England, everyone can benefit from their approach and solutions, as Whole Home Systems recognise that needs vary, and instil the all-important confidence that you will achieve the right, easy to use and cohesive system to work with your individual circumstances to make your “Life Easier, Safer and More Enjoyable”. Additional information about Whole Home Systems is available from their web site at www.WholeHomeSystems.com, by emailing them at vision@WholeHomeSystems.com or by phoning them on +44 1280 851006.

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