Tell us about RoseWater Energy Group.

RoseWater Energy Group is a pioneer in the energy management market and we’re passionate about creating products that people are going to soon rely on in the near future. We’re focused on creating the next generation of renewable smart grid systems with top-notch battery storage technologies, and we work with our clients directly to build, integrate and manage a Hub tailored to their needs. RoseWater Energy Group was founded just three years ago when I presented my idea to my partners for a high end residential energy storage device.   


What is the product you make?

The RoseWater Energy Hub is the first all-in-one residential and light commercial power solution integrating three capabilities into one platform to serve the complete electrical needs of an entire premises, in essence transforming the electrical system in place into a microgrid:

  1. Power conditioned output protects and enhances the performance of all home and office electronics. With power quality higher than utilities, sensitive audio and video systems as well as home networking components, home automation and lighting control systems will perform at their best and last longer.

  2. Uninterruptable power supply with zero transfer time and a large amount of battery back-up will safely and securely allow users to ride out power failures.

  3. Ready for renewables – users adopting the RoseWater Energy Hub for power quality and back-up reasons can “go solar” for relatively little additional cost, for greener living.

  4. On board proprietary software that allows intelligent optimization of all inputs and batteries. The software also provides real time system performance and remote diagnostic ability.

The RoseWater Energy Hub offers a seamless total system integrated solution, using a dual inverter system with solar input, that blends power conditioning, backup, and renewable energy management into one pre-assembled, configured and integrated industrial-grade platform.


What was the process that led to the development of the product and how difficult was it?

The road traveled to get the product you see today and the marketing strategy we have employed started just over three years ago, when I presented my idea to my partners, Mario and Marco, for a high end residential energy storage device. Fortunately, the idea intrigued them enough to begin discussions and put some flesh on the bones of the idea. At the time we began our discussion, most battery companies believed that because batteries were so expensive, the only viable model for energy storage needed government or utility subsidies but we all know subsidized businesses seldom end on a good note. We knew that initially the product would be expensive and that led us to the conclusion that we should build a feature-rich product and target the only channel experienced in dealing with innovators and early adopters, the CI channel. Next, we put together a group of installers and asked their opinions on feature sets and amounts of power and energy storage. From those early discussions came the basis of the current RoseWater Energy Management Hub. Add a couple of years of frustrating engineering and the fortunate discovery of Alpha Technologies, an industry leader in industrial grade, field tested products, and the RoseWater Energy Management Hub was born.


What makes your hub unique?

The Residential Energy Management Hub is the only  unit of its kind currently on the market.. The Hub is the first all-in-one residential and light commercial power solution to integrate three capabilities into one platform to serve the entire needs of one premises. The Hub protects all home and office electronics by delivering clean and conditioned power and offers seamless and total system integration using a dual inverter system. With everything integrated into the Hub, the Hub delivers 100% pure conditioned power with a zero transfer time UPS when switching power sources and  is ready for renewables, like solar or wind power, for those customers who desire green living and energy independence. With a choice of nano-carbon or lithium iron phosphate batteries, the Hub can provide up to 28 kWh of energy to safely and securely ride out power failures or supplement the grid to manage energy costs. We are also the only company that offers a complete turnkey solution. Not only do we provide the unit, but we also handle the installation, which is another unique feature only available through RoseWater. This eliminates any possible installation and set-up problems that might arise on site.


Who is your customer?

The Energy Management Hub is ideal for users that understand the value of protecting their electronics. Our Hub is relatable to an insurance policy, and if users are going to invest a significant amount into their home technology, they need to invest further to protect those technologies. Many users spend thousands of dollars in security systems, audio products, televisions, home theaters and home automation, and it’s important to protect the sizeable amount of money tied up into a home. People that have suffered through major multi-day power outages or have, unfortunately, experienced significant loss due to lightning strike, are very aware of how valuable electricity is. While the Hub has a high value, we certainly believe it is worth the money.


You have really targeted AV Integrators and CEDIA professionals, why do you feel this is a good channel for you?

We have put a lot of focus towards AV integrators and CEDIA professionals because we are interested in building a reputable team of dealers. We think that the Hub is truly the next great opportunity for the CI professional within intelligent energy management and security channels. We’re committed to helping our dealers increase profitability, too, which is why we introduced a floor planning program in November of 2015. With this finance option, dealers purchasing the RoseWater Energy Management Hub can apply for a one year interest-free loan through RoseWater Energy Group and Padco Financial Services, Inc. Many dealers may be familiar with Padco Financial Services as they have offered floor planning programs with many CE and CEDIA channel manufacturers over the past thirty years. Additionally, RoseWater Energy Group will cover the finance charges from the one-year financing arrangement. Dealers now have the opportunity to invite potential customers to a showroom to see the operational award winning RoseWater Energy Management Hub in person, which allows the customers to see the build quality, sophisticated design and operation of the Hub before purchasing their own. We want to see our dealers get excited about this product and we truly think this is the next great opportunity for potential dealers.


What is the potential of this market?

There is a significant potential for the residential energy storage market because people see the growing need for 24/7 power and the opportunity to “insure” the many devices they have invested a significant amount of money in. The market has already taken off and it will continue to grow. We have already experienced great sales, meeting all of our goals, in the last year. We hope the residential energy storage market continues to rise.


We are seeing a lot of Energy Storage devices such as the Tesla Powerwall coming to market in the Solar Energy industry.  Do you see your hub competing in this market?

We see multiple sub-markets forming within the energy management and back up segments that our products compete in.  The Tesla Powerwall is a product that is geared more towards peak shaving and solar storage, two features that are aimed more at reducing utility bills than power quality and back up.  While we believe that Tesla will do very well in that subsidized part of the market, we’ve decided to focus more on the entirety of the critical load, adding necessary features like power conditioning and a zero transfer time UPS. Our feature rich system gives the owner much more flexibility as well with respect to what it can do and when it can do it.  We have deliberately chosen to focus on nonsubsidized markets as we believe those markets are the only ones that give the opportunity for true and lasting growth.


What is it going to take for Residential Energy Storage to really succeed and how do you see RoseWater being a part of that?

Residential Energy Storage has already taken off on the right foot and many people are starting to understand the value of energy storage. Additionally, people are understanding the value of protecting the electronics that they have invested in because the growing population of people is very connected and wants to stay connected. People are becoming more fed up with traditional municipal power that is unreliable and want to be able to live their life normally without having to worry if the power will go out and once it does go out, then worrying about when the power will turn back on.