Communications have changed the way the world works. Living and servicing the NYC tri state area has been interesting and exciting. Information about incidents that happen between people or within the community can be relayed through multiple channels. It takes a couple of minutes to disperse critical information through cable, websites, email, telephones, and instant message.

The requests we have seen at National Home Convergence is to deliver a safe & secure environment matched with a strong infrastructure for current and future use. The requests from households are all similar, safety through surveillance – specifically, cameras & intercom systems; home theater including large screen TV’s plasma, Rear Projection HDTV ready and built in audio systems.

We have found success by matching the customer needs with a team of experts that implement a planned and budgeted infrastructure built on top quality wiring, switches, computer hardware ands software equipment, audio components and remote control and access that equal a complete a manageable system. National Home Convergence finds going the extra step with your customer to work with them from beginning to end so they can maximize all their technical capabilities that compliment their home and lifestyle.

We are also observing the adaptation and thrust customers have for instant access and communication to relatives, friends, associates, and loved ones on a minute by minute basis. The usage of telecommunications between the email, cell phone and instant message alone is only converging electronic communications. It is also exciting to see the adaptation of video communication through services like Net2Phone.

Companies like, are introducing incredible services to advance service and comfort the home environment. Small and large businesses are also benefiting by the ability to be productive from home.

If you are building, moving, renovating or seeking a more advanced way of living, have a strategic plan that covers all these components. But be advised … make sure the experts that implement these aspects are specialized in their respective areas. Check references, licenses and know that a team of specialized experts delivers the top quality fusion of technology in you home. Invest and excel yourself through a professionally designed and installed technical ecosystem.