Being the number one white goods manufacturer in Switzerland, V-ZUG AG develops, produces, and sells high-quality white goods for kitchens and bathrooms. Inspired by the ideas of the “smart home movement”, V-ZUG AG was looking for a competent partner to develop a smart home solution for the Swiss market with the goal to offer its customers more flexibility, comfort, and innovation. During the preparation of this project, V-ZUG quickly decided that the final solution had to be based on OSGi technology. After a detailed evaluation of all technology providers, V-ZUG chose ProSyst Software AG (, because ProSyst has a profound market- and technology experience and knowledge, a broad variety of ready-to-use products, and the most sophisticated OSGi technology on the market.

V-ZUG AG – focus on research and development

Approximately every second Swiss household owns a device manufactured by V-ZUG AG. Three million devices are in the good hands of a competent and reliable customer service. Innovation and quality are V-ZUG´s driving forces to satisfy its customers. This is why V-ZUG invests in research and development, but still with a close eye on the market. The company employs appr. 1,100 people and had a turnover of 315 Million CHF in 2002.

The Swiss market leader in white goods teams up with ProSyst

ProSyst is a leading provider of embedded Java and OSGi-compliant software. The OSGi Alliance ( specifies a Java-based service delivery platform that allows service providers, gateway operators, device and car manufacturers to deliver, deploy and manage network-based services in a standardized and cost-effective manner. Thus, software developers are not only empowered to develop the required functionalities in a much shorter timeframe but are also freed up to fully concentrate on their core competencies and business logic. ProSyst offers end-to-end solutions for the network-based control of devices and the delivery of services and applications into vehicles and homes. ProSyst enables the time-and cost-effective development, deployment and management of services, such as dynamic software updates, remote control, remote diagnosis and maintenance, data exchange and infotainment content. Its solutions allow the integration of various technologies and communication protocols, letting them complement each other instead of ruling each other out. Thus, ProSyst’s solutions reduce concept to launch time, help to improve quality and to develop more innovative products and services in a highly flexible market.

Customized solutions for smart home scenarios

ProSyst´s Smart Home Suite facilitates the development, deployment, and life-cycle management of viable e-services and applications for the networked home today. The solution is platform-independent, scalable, modular, secure, customizable, and extensible. It allows white and brown goods manufacturers and service providers to offer high value applications and services, including remote diagnostics, maintenance and control, home surveillance, automatic data transfer as well as the secure delivery of information and entertainment services. Any kind of software and data packages can be remotely delivered to the end devices. At the same time, error notifications or maintenance-related information can be transmitted to the manufacturer or service provider.

ProSyst’s Smart Home Suite provides home appliance manufacturers and service providers with a reliable and platform-independent solution which focuses on the key requirements for building a networked smart home:

* remote control of home networked devices by the consumers via the Internet;
* dynamic deployment and life-cycle management of viable e-services from service providers and system integrators;
* rich and intuitive interfaces enabling user interaction for communication with home networks and the external world;
* remote diagnostics and maintenance from home appliance manufacturers.

The product – the features

Based on ProSyst´s smart home solution, both partners develop an innovative solution for Swiss kitchens. Included in the V-ZUG AG product portfolio is the Microbraun SLP (MSLP) oven with an integrated microwave, menu memory, and cookbook. Using ProSyst´s platform, mBedded Server – an open, modular, and scalable software solution – both parties have begun working on the oven´s remote control which will be demonstrated during field tests in February 2004. Further shared development projects between V-ZUG AG and ProSyst will follow.

After the successful integration of ProSyst´s OSGi-based software, the MSLP will be remotely controllable and maintainable within the house. A web pad could, for example, be used in order to set or change the oven´s baking heat or time. Remote control is made possible via the power supply, so that no new wires have to be installed. This happens via Powerline/EHS, which turns the internal power supply into a network for remotely accessing devices using web pads, handhelds or the Internet. In order to ensure interoperability with devices from different device manufacturers as well as to meet safety requirements, the V-ZUG smart home solution is based on the CECED Specification, which was initiated by leading white goods manufacturers.

Possible future applications include an extension of the menu memory and recipe functionality. Using this application, the user can save, use, or change pre-defined recipes on the oven. In the future, it will be possible to easily and quickly transfer new recipes to the oven from the V-ZUG Website or from other providers, as well as share recipes with others online. For greater ease of use, an access platform has been created by integrating ProSyst´s Portal Package, which displays the “real” user interface of the oven on devices with browsers.

Integrating ProSyst´s solution, V-Zug AG will become one of the white goods pioneers on the market with its innovative solution.