This will be one of my shortest articles on Why? Because it is about something that the industry (especially certain parts of it) needs to realize. In the electronic world, bigger is not better and is quite the opposite.

Simply Brilliant UPB Dimming

Technology has taken a turn and we are taking that turn with it whether we think we are or not. We have finally realized how delicate the single path really is and we are beginning to see better and better results the smaller we get. We definitely don’t need to be driving around these tanks of a system anymore to get the same fidelity. The fact is that the room, and the entire home environment, will be a place that will reflect a holistic, good sound approach.

In a way, this is sad. It sounds like an industry that is about to die. But, instead, I think we should embrace the future and realize the accomplishments that have happened in such a short period of time. We, as a society, have always gone through these changes, and this is one to embrace with a smile.

I say let the collectors of the “old” enjoy their hobby and, for the rest of us, let’s embrace the exciting new world of high fidelity at its best. Let’s not kill the sound but bring it to life and make it practical for the entire world to enjoy.

This year, you will not see me at the high end portion of the CES. Instead, you will see me at the convention center enjoying the future and thinking of ways to make it better.

You may visit us at, the CES, or read the report I will give in the next article, as I write about the future.