In the Electronics Industry, HEAT is the leading cause of premature component failures. The advances in Technology of high-end Audio/Video and Computer Components have resulted in extremely high operating temperatures.

HEAT is Self- Destructive! Manufacturers publish ratings on their Audio/Video equipment that show performance and life start to deteriorate rapidly when component temperatures reach 104¡ F.

The life of an electronic device is directly related to its operating temperature. Each 10 C (18 F) temperature rise reduces component life by 50%*. Conversely, each 10 C (18 F) temperature reduction increases component life by 100%. Therefore, it is recommended that Audio/Video and computer components be kept as cool as possible (within an acceptable noise level) for maximum reliability, longevity, and return on investment.

* Based on the Arrhenius equation, which says that time to failure is a function of e-Ea/kT where Ea = activation energy of the failure mechanism being accelerated, k = Boltzmann’s constant, and T = absolute temperature.

AIR CIRCULATION is key and critical to the protection of the end-users investment against heat related failures. The Cinema Fanª is designed to draw Hot Air out of projector boxes, A/V equipment cabinets and rooms, expelling it out into false ceilings, crawl spaces, attics or outside, thereby protecting the Home Theater Owner’s investment and providing years of trouble free operation. The Cinema Fanª was designed specifically to protect expensive Audio/Video and Computer equipment from over-heating as quietly as possible.

Recommended Installation

The Designer/Installer directs Air Conditioned Air into the enclosure and routes a 5″” or 6″” flex-duct insulated into a false ceiling, crawl space or attic where a Cinema Fanª is attached to the end of the flex-duct (or in-line for venting outside). By pushing cold air in and pulling hot air out, the air is replaced at a very high rate. This insures the most efficient air circulation possible, cooling the equipment and extending the A/V component life exponentially.

In situations where an A/C return or replacement air is not available, The Cinema Fanª can be turned upside down to effectively blow air into the enclosure from another room. The Cinema Fanª should be specified as Standard Equipment with each enclosed Projection T.V. box, Rack Cabinet and Computer Room.

“The Plenum-Rated” version of “The Cinema Fanª” (Model CFPR) was designed for Commercial applications where Plenum Ratings are required. With the exception of being made of 386 aluminum with powder-coat, it maintains the same design, characteristics and versatility of the original Cinema Fanª. It is designed to be fully operational mounted in any position and from remote locations to the A/V component enclosure(s) to be cooled. It is available in 110V & 220V.


“The Cinema Fan” fits into 5″ or 6″ insulated flex-duct and can be mounted in any position!

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