The Brazilian Home Automation Market offers interesting challenges and very good opportunities for those that are willing to understand how the market works. The potential is clearly very attractive for immediate approach and long term harvesting. Presently, it is estimated that there are 1.8 million households ready to receive home automation. This means their owners have some understanding of what home automation is and have the funds to invest, if and when they see the benefits. Up to today, only around 300 thousand households have some kind of automation equipment installed, meaning there is a market of 1.5 million households already available.

Furthermore, 78% of the consumers are interested in knowing what home automation is and ready to evaluate their benefits and costs. This number is higher than the world average of 66% and shows a very receptive market.

The present offer of home automation systems in the Brazilian market includes some international suppliers locally represented and also local manufacturers that have developed their own solutions and are selling them locally.

One thing to consider that differentiates our market from some other parts of the world is that the average Brazilian customer is definitely not the “Do-it-Yourself” type and is willing to have someone design and install the system. This opens a nice market for integrators, who will sell the concept, develop the solution and install the systems.

And almost all suppliers, local or international, rely on integrators they certify to reach the market. They support the integrators and invest in marketing, branding and even funding the bigger opportunities, such as automating all the apartments of a new building.

Most integrators are certified in more than one manufacturer, which gives them the options they need to cover most of all customers´ needs. In fact, a recent research showed that over 35% of the integrators are certified with at least three manufacturers.

These facts place the integrators as the key elements to the success of new products in the market, of course, allied to quality and adequate pricing.

So, if the market is good and the customers are willing to spend properly, why don’t we see more international companies in Brazil? There are some answers to this question and being able to act proactively to these challenges can lay the successful path to this profitable opportunity.

Any international manufacturer willing to have a slice of this market has to understand some peculiarities of the customers and the country.

First, remember that this is not a DIY market, so selling products alone is not the answer. You need to sell systems. Online selling can support expansions, maintenance and small initiatives, but first you need to be in the market.

And for this you will need integrators. This country is too large to be covered from one or two centers, customers do not go to manufacturers directly (they don’t like to deal with big companies) and there is always the need of local labor for installation and support.

Also, consider that importing products in Brazil is a hassle. Customers that can buy online from international sites will be heavily taxed when of the arrival of the goods. So, you need to have local distribution capabilities. This can be done by either opening a branch in Brazil or nominating a distributor, which will also cover warranty and support.

Be ready to localize. English is not so common in Brazil, very few integrators will be truly knowledgeable in the language, and local laws require that you have any manual or documentation of products sold in Brazil translated into Portuguese. If your product uses any kind of radio frequency, it needs to be certified by ANATEL, our telecommunications agency.

You also need to verify how your products fit to local needs. Thermostats and flood sensors have little value as we do not use heating (only cooling through standalone air conditioning equipment) and we do not have basements in our houses. Also, the Brazilian standards need to be respected and this affects very specifically our wall outlets, which have a standard not found anywhere else in the world.

So, if you plan and invest on local distribution, on offering products that are fit to the customers’ needs, and with a geographically spread set of integrators, a share of this market is yours.

It seems difficult, but it really is only complex, requiring time and some investment. And there is help available.

The Brazilian Home Automation Association, AURESIDE, where I am the technical director, is focused on promoting home automation in Brazil by supporting manufacturers and integrators all over the country. Founded in 2000, we have followed the development of this market since its very beginning and we are confident that its growth in the next years will be enormous. We supply training and certification for integrators in all related areas, including safety, audio and video, and solar energy. We offer our resources to the affiliated manufacturers so that they can promote their products. We support technical developments by promoting and publishing in our sites technical papers in home automation related subjects.

AURESIDE is directly involved with a good share of home automation integrators in the country. Presently we have over 100 of them certified and we continue to promote new integrators into the market through training and certification, including entrepreneurism for interested candidates, helping them put together a healthy company.

AURESIDE is, thus, your natural channel to prospect the Brazilian market, plan your entry and execute your plan. By affiliating to AURESIDE you will be able to contact all our affiliated integrators and use our tools and opportunities to promote your solutions to the market.

We are also sponsors/organizers for the Predialtec 2016, the Brazilian Trade Show for Home and Building Automation and this could be a very good opportunity for you to know the market. If just as an international visitor, or even willing to have a booth and show your products, contact us and we can support you.

AURESIDE offers consultancy services to help you, international entrepreneur, to develop a business plan in order to properly start in the Brazilian market and help us increase the perception of the value of home automation, be it in safety, comfort or practicality.

You can contact us through our presentation page ( or with me directly at the email (George Wootton).