Why FlashPoint ShareDrives Mobile Strategy

The ability to copy files and folders while away from the office computer is a growing requirement of modern business. Businesses who want to be competitive cannot ignore the fact that we live in an expanding mobile world. The mobile requirement encompasses all levels of management and personnel from the President of a company to a sales person who is calling on potential customers daily. CEOs and company management are using, in abundance, portable devices such as laptop computers and personal digital assistants (PDAs). This portability is now extending to FlashPoint ShareDrives and Sharing-On-The–Go technology built into products such as cellphones, PDAs and digital camera. FlashPoint ShareDrives are changing the way people work by providing a means to move data without electrical outlets, computers or laptops.

* A Device for Performing Information Sharing Tasks
* Self-Powered
o Copy & Share information without using a computer
o Can be used away from computers, PDA’s and other storage devices
* Mobility
o Portable data storage or retrieval
o Share data with other ShareDrives or Non-SOTG enabled Flash Drives
o No bulky “bridge” devices, routers or switches
* Quick and simple “Plug and Play” functionality

The rise in mobile devices has provided people with better communication tools. Data applications used in business are increasing the volumes of datasheets, brochures and presentations which are provided to potential clients. It is hard to imagine a world in which documents, photographs, MP3 files and presentations are not a major part of the advertisement necessary for a company to sell its products.

Providing information quickly with your ShareDrive could never be easier. ShareDrives give users a mobile device to receive and send data to others. With ShareDrives, information can now be updated on a daily basis. With the development of ShareDrives, personnel within a company have a convenient, reliable and user-friendly way to give and receive information. Data can also be shared from the Internet in a more convenient way. Download the desired information from the Internet to the ShareDrive. When remotely providing the data to others, a push of the “Share” button on the ShareDrive, quickly transfers the information. Accessing data wherever you are is what ShareDrives are all about.

Offices are no longer located only in corporate buildings. Many employees spend part of their day working while in the car and at home. The office location has become remote. By using ShareDrives, employees can be productive in situations which normally would be downtime. ShareDrives provide the ability to handle work while away from the office and empowers employees to work smarter and more efficiently. A comprehensive remote connectivity strategy, using ShareDrives as part of that strategy, can improve the work of both full and part-time employees. This is particularly important as companies do business worldwide.

Take your data out of the office and maximize your productivity when mobile

ShareDrives improve your mobile data capabilities by giving you a device to copy files and folders without a computer. Workforces will become more productive and ShareDrives will increase employees’ flexibility and ultimately will increase company profits.

Listed below are some advantages of ShareDrives for corporations and individuals:

* Improved Communications
* Improved Workload
* Better Collaboration in the Field
* Security – Important documents do not have to be sent over the Internet and exposed to risk
* More Flexibility to receive and provide information to others
* Cost Savings
* Computerless Remote Copying
* Share spread sheets, presentations, reports, etc.
* Share image and audio files
* Exchange address data
* Provide detailed information in large volumes
* Eliminate paper reproduction handout materials

FlashPoint ShareDrive Increases the Efficiency of Everyone

The benefits of ShareDrives for mobile connectivity is important for companies to take advantage of the technology for all of their employees. Widespread use of ShareDrives as a mobility data solution, will provide better customer/supplier relations and increase the chances of potential customers becoming real customers. The nature of Sharing-On-The-Go technology makes sharing information a simple process and increases security by not having to send important documents over the Internet. All of these factors should convince companies to provide their employees with ShareDrives for remote data transfer when individuals are mobile. USB Flash Drive Ownership -Consumers Who Own Thumbdrives – Increase from 2003


30% increase


12% increase

North America

15% increase

Latin America

4% increase

Western Europe

7% increase


2% increase

Cost – Affordable Mobility Solution

Data-capable mobile devices have been thought of as only optional extras rather than a necessary device. ShareDrives are affordable devices which can be widely distributed throughout a company. ShareDrives are not only for the executives of a company who want the most recent technology, but for the great majority of the workforce who can benefit from using a relatively inexpensive device with a new breed of mobile copying capability. The devices are cost-effective and can impact large groups of individuals to manage remote access with a better solution. The cost savings of increased communications with a mobile workforce is a clear advantage. From administrative staff to salespeople providing clients with vital information, FlashPoint ShareDrives are an investment which pays back dividends immediately. This is a investment which pays back dividends immediately.

FlashPoint ShareDrive Increase Sales of Existing Non-SOTG Thumbdrives

USB Flash Drive Revenue Growth

The market for USB flash drives is expected to grow from $572 million this year to $1.7 billion in 2007, according to Gartner Research

The experts say: “USB-enabled devices will continue their march to ubiquity in electronics products, as total USB-enabled devices will rise from 705.7 million in 2004 to 2.1 billion in 2009. Growth will continue in all categories – PCs, PC peripherals, consumer electronics, and communications devices.”

In essence, ShareDrives provide a new mobility and Impact Today’s Mobile/Digital Lifestyle. The ability to exchange information is part of the growing digital world.

* Copying audio, video, and photos for personal entertainment
* Transferring data for business requirements
* Sharing information to facilitate transactions

FlashPoint ShareDrive Usability

An issue all companies should address is usability. The FlashPoint ShareDrive is easy to use and its small size makes it easy to slip into a pocket, a briefcase or a purse. ShareDrives are compatible with most flash memory drives and a variety of mobile devices such as digital cameras and cellphones. The ShareDrive mobile interface is simple to use and requires no training to learn the product.

What Security Issues Do ShareDrives Solve?

IT issues face all enterprises and the most important issue is security, and in particular, the problem of how to secure remote access links into a company. Company management regards remote users as a major threat to the integrity of the corporate network, and they should. ShareDrives provide a means to keep data off the network and away from prying eyes on the Internet. The truth of the matter is that allowing the workforce to access data resources from outside of the office is a huge security problem. An issue which ShareDrives helps solve by keeping data secure. Information can be protected on the ShareDrives with encryption and only the party who is intended to receive the information can open the files and folders. All files are password protected with this device. And with Internet viruses and spam on the increase, this is a excellent solution to company security. Most businesses have had problems of data theft through hacking so a device which provides copying away from the office is an important corporate device.

FlashPoint ShareDrives – The Right Choice

Mobility is imperative in today’s business world. Most companies worldwide have embraced mobility with various portable devices and cellphones. However, these devices are not always the most convenient means of sharing files and folders – especially in large volumes. ShareDrives solve this problem. Xmultiple is confident that individuals in all types of industries will look to ShareDrives as a mobile solution device. IT staffs will find mobile users and applications easier to support. ShareDrives are the right choice as an investment in remote communications tools for people in education, government and corporations.

The Ultimate Tool for Today’s Digital World

To learn more about FlashPoint ShareDrives and the benefit of the Sharing-On-The-Go Technology contact Xmultiple Technologies at 805-579-1100 or in Asia at 886-2-2658-2298. Please visit FlashPoint ShareDrives on the web at www.sharedrives.com