Tell us a bit about Wyrestorm.

Wyrestorm is a global manufacturer of digital high-definition distribution technology products for custom residential and commercial A/V applications. The company was founded in the U.S. in 2009 and re-launched in 2011. Since then, we have built a strong distributor network and custom CE dealers, and we are growing.

At Wyrestorm, we pride ourselves on our focus on research and design with the goal of providing our partners with innovative products that provide the utmost flexibility for any project.  We truly believe that our portfolio of innovative products help to remove obstacles from integrators’ business, whether it be integrating features and technologies that result in quicker, more simple installations or delivering solutions that simply work; our range of HDMI & HDBT extenders, amplifier extenders, configurable matrix switchers, splitters and converters are designed to meet any installation size and A/V distribution challenge.

Wyrestorm adopted the HDBaseT (HDBT) technology, what is HDBaseT and why did you incorporate it within your products? (describe the benefits it provides over current technology)

Since its introduction in 2010, HDBaseT (HDBT) technology has provided electronic systems professionals with a better connectivity technology. It provides a single cable solution to distribute full HD digital audio and video content, Ethernet and power and control signals, all via one, single Cat5e/6 cable. This unique encoding and decoding technology provides manufacturers and our dealers with a significant improvement over older technologies –greater stability, installation flexibility, and increased fidelity over longer transmission distances (over 300 feet compared to 150 feet). For these reasons, the decision to become one of the first in our category to integrate HDBT in our product line was a simple one.

From an installation stand-point, HDBT-based products mean more than reducing cable management headaches. HDBT is better at reducing external interferences (such as EMI) and provides greater system reliability to reduce the time spent by integrators resolving on-site trouble shooting and connectivity issues. Low voltage power options remove the need for power supply units for HDMI accessory products behind displays. Also, as smart TV’s continue to grow in popularity, HDBT provides optimal functionality by providing a wired Ethernet connection without the need to run extra cable to the TV.

What opportunities do you think HDBaseT technology present to custom electronics systems integrators in the United States in 2013?

Quite simply, HDBT-based technologies provide electronics systems integrators with more time and money by improving reliability and reducing system design challenges for new and existing systems.  Here’s how:

Faster installation:

  • Less cabling to install, service, troubleshoot (one Cat5e/6 cable versus many)
  • Less support issues. Greater performance and stability from a new, more reliable product design.
  • Less stress. Dealers can have greater confidence in the installation of HDMI  over Cat5e solutions

Easy to Upgrade: When upgrading existing systems, it allows dealers to review older analogue systems over one Cat5e cable and provide reinvention and revenue from older systems.

Future ready: HDBaseT is already primed and ready for the arrival of 4K display technology which we saw so prevalently at 2013 Consumer Electronics Show (CES)

How should custom electronic systems integrators position and sell HDBaseT products to profit their business?

The bottom line is that HDBT-based products are premium solutions that can be offered at a higher price point that earn a greater margin. Generally, customers looking for premium solutions will pay for it, as long as we properly communicate the benefits and ensure them that this cutting-edge technology will maintain its relevancy in the future. HDBT is one of the future-proof technologies available today.

Customers today can be sure their home A/V systems incorporate the leading new connectivity technology that is known for its reliability. Dealers can also assure them that most major CE audio and video manufacturers are already moving towards integrating the HDBT connection , so they can easily add new products to a system designed to support them, including 4K video displays and content distribution. Lastly, HDBT provides dealers a better option to upgrade older systems that use an existing structured wiring and cable infrastructure, as HDBT products require one cable and will not require extensive in-wall re-wiring that may cause damage to customer’s homes.

Are there technology trends or product introductions that you believe will help bring HDBaseT to the forefront this year?

4K is the emerging video technology and it is creating a lot of buzz amongst the industry and its consumers. HDBT is provides the highest level of signal transmission efficiency and ample bandwidth to allow full 4K resolution fidelity over Cat5e/6 cable. No other method allows this. Any dealer who is preparing to sell or support 4k displays in the future must also be ready to use HDBaseT.

What factors have slowed the adoption of HDBaseT technology within the U.S. custom install market?

From our experience, the general adoption of HDBT in the U.S. custom integration consumer electronics market has been slow. Europe has actually been much quicker to adopt HDMI, and thus, HDBT technology has been a natural progression. A number of our dealers and distributors abroad have had significant success integrating our HDBT solutions within residential and commercial applications.

Recently, there has been a shift in the momentum.  As dealers in the U.S. get more comfortable with HDBT technology, we’ve seen a more rapid adoption rate. In 2013, I believe we will see the greatest impact as leading flat panel and projection manufacturers continue to announce integrated HDBT inputs for their consumer and commercial products. HDBT is here to stay!

What is Wyrestorm, the HDBaseT Alliance (of which Wyrestorm is a part of), and the Alliance members doing to help move the industry towards adoption?

This year Wyrestorm is focused on key products that will incorporate emerging technologies, including even more HDBaseT, that will move our HD audio and video distribution solutions forward, and grow our product line.

With the HDBaseT Alliance, we engage in close dialogue to ensure we have access to the latest technology and ensure Wyrestorm is coming out with the very best HDBT products. Together, we have also been working on marketing principles that will help ensure both dealers and end-users are receiving correct and consistent messages.

Building upon that initiative, Wyrestorm is committed to providing our partners with significantly more training opportunities. In April, we begin a nationwide training program designed to provide our dealers and distributors with product and sales training to help grow their business with our systems. The training will start with our HDBT video and HDBT audio distribution products that allow full digital AV transmission over a single cable infrastructure.

How are Wyrestorm’s HDBaseT product solutions different than the competition?

First, Wyrestorm is different than its competitors because we are a prime manufacturer. We own and control our manufacturing and can therefore ensure the highest level of quality control and performance of our products. In combination with our dedicated R&D resources, this enables us to quickly deliver proprietary solutions that incorporate creative engineering with the latest technologies.

We are always at the leading edge of the digital technology manufacturers and offer a wide range of HD video and audio distribution products that incorporate the latest HDBaseT technology. Case in point, is our new, first of its kind HDBaseT D Class Digital Audio Amplifier (AMP-010-001) that we introduced at CES and which will start shipping in April. Our matrix products have full integration capabilities with market-leading control systems, providing the same transmission methods as all other leading manufacturers, yet at a more competitive price.

We are also excited to introduce a new range of fully featured HDBaseT extender products using the whole feature set of HD, Ethernet, Control & Power. Stay tuned for that news.

Can you share the success Wyrestorm products and dealers have had with HDBaseT?

HDBaseT has revolutionized Wyrestorm’s business over the last 2 years. All of the HDBaseT products within our product portfolio represent some of the highest growth product lines we have, now accounting for a significant percentage of Wyrestorm’s overall business, throughout the world markets that we do business in.

Our partners across the world are embracing Wyrestorm’s HDBT-based products within both the residential and non-residential sectors, and using them as building block to, not only build electronic systems, but also to grow their business with. To see that our partners are growing with us in itself is extremely rewarding.