With a few easy techorating tips, you can make sure your new technology harmonizes with the existing look and feel of your home, rather than overwhelming the space.

Consider the Audio

When planning a holiday party, individuals often don’t take sound into consideration when arranging their furniture and technology to accommodate their guests. Consumers should remember to properly position speakers in relation to the absorptive and reflective surfaces in the room. Placing speakers next to curtained windows or behind the couch will help reduce the amount of sound that bounces off empty walls.

Bare floors tend to reflect sound waves, dulling the sound so try strategically placing those holiday-themed rugs to maximize the sound quality of your home theater system. If design is an important element to you this holiday season, companies like LG Electronics are also incorporating unique stylings to home theater systems, so speakers no longer need to be hidden in the corner and can be proudly displayed as a modern addition to your space.

Control the Lighting

One of the biggest mistakes individuals make when redesigning a room is to not take into consideration a key design element for any room – lighting. When considering a room for hosting a holiday party, or even that annual viewing of “It’s a Wonderful Life,” lighting becomes a key component as the wrong ambiance can alter anyone’s holiday spirit or dampen a party.

A well-lit living room with a lot of natural light will likely need an LCD television, which doesn’t reflect light. Naturally darker rooms make the superior picture quality of a plasma television stand out so you might consider using strategically placed candles or a nice fire to enhance the décor and accentuate your new plasma.

Remember the Clean Up

Often time consumers get caught after the holidays with an oddly placed HDTV that worked for the crowds, but not for the long term. Before the family comes over, evaluate the shape and space of the room. Determine the best long-term placement of the electronics and go from there. By simply mounting a new flat screen TV or placing it on a table top, consumers can actually add space to their room and streamline the look and feel of the space.

For more information on how to techorate for the perfect holiday party please visit www.lgusa.com/techorator.

Celebrity designer Doug Wilson, best known for TLC’s “Moving Up” and “Trading Spaces” programs and author of “Doug’s Rooms,” is the LG Techorator, the expert on integrating style and technology into today’s lifestyles.