Summer is almost here, and many people are making travel plans. Some look for a resort to engage in a favorite sport or hobby, like golf or tennis. For others, whose avocation is equestrian sports, there is a particular challenge of finding suitable accommodations for the human and four-legged travelers. Living quarters horse trailer conversions provide a comfortable, and often high-tech solution to this problem.

Living quarters conversions are done by companies such as Outlaw, Duster, Trail Boss, Showtime, Pete’s Truck & Trailer & Custom Conversions, and Bunkhouse. They offer custom designed living quarters in the forward section of the trailer, while horses, tack, and supplies are housed in the rear portion. As one enters the living quarters a world of comfort, customized decor, and high tech devices await. Some of what you’ll find can include hardwood cabinets, decorative woodwork, full showers, built-in ovens, DVD/VCR combos, built-in flat screen TV’s, motorized TV lifts, and even fireplaces. Among Lift-Tech’s customers are some of the conversion companies, who have installed custom-built up/down television lifts.

AV professionals and custom manufacturers can look beyond homes and offices to provide products and services to companies serving a growing market of travelers who demand comfort, quality, and their high-tech toys on the go.

Here are photos of a 25′ Platinum Coach trailer with an Outlaw Conversion.

Marlene Fawkes is Communications Manager and Vice President of LIFT-TECH. She has written articles about home technology for consumers and for the trade. Chris Fawkes is Technical Service Manager and Vice President of LIFT-TECH. He also is an avid team roper and travels with his family in a living quarters trailer.

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