As Plasma and LCD TV’s continue the downward trend in pricing they are becoming ever so more available to consumers who 2 or 3 years ago could not afford them.

With the increase in flat panel TV’s sales comes the old age dilemma of where to place the TV once you have got it home.

I have spoken to many a disgruntled wife who has called complaining that her husband showed up with a 50″ plasma and there is no way on Gods green earth he is putting that “thing” on our wall!!

As most people know or are at least are aware there is a solution: MOTORIZED TV LIFTS

Activated Décor has been in the TV LIFT business now going on seven years in both the distribution but more importantly the manufacturing of both standard and custom built TV LIFT SYSTEMS.

If you have ever shopped for a TV lift you will have noticed that there are 2 basic technologies used, RACK-AND-PINION and TELESCOPING POST, there are others but these two are by far the most common.

Activated Décor’s standard product offering of TV LIFTS are Telescoping Post’s, you will see why after the brief description of pros and cons with both technologies below.

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Rack and Pinion:
There are several reasons I believe and feel Rack and Pinion is not the best choice for TV Lifts but for the sake of this article we will talk about what I think is the most important reason, Cabinet Structure Stresses.

If you are familiar with your car you will know that in all likely hood it has Rack and Pinion steering, and for cars it works great, but for TV Lifts it leaves a little to be desired.

When one installs a rack and pinion lift in a wooden cabinet you have to be very aware or very familiar with the cabinet structurally speaking. Typically rack and pinion lifts are mounted to the two side walls and rear panel of the cabinet, this is necessary to make certain the rack and pinion lift stays perfectly square or true. Not being straight or true will cause excessive grinding noises and in all likelihood premature failure.

Like mentioned above you need to be 100% certain that the cabinet being used can structurally handle the stresses the lift will exert after installed.

Telescoping Posts:
There are many advantages to using a Telescoping Post Technology for your TV Lift and here a few;

* When installing a Telescoping Post Lift into a cabinet, it does not require any side wall support from the cabinet, making installation a breeze as it is simply secured to the floor of the cabinet with four wood screws.
* Unlike the Rack and Pinion the telescoping posts are very much quieter in operation and require no maintenance
* When a Telescoping Post is used with Activated Décor’s SMARTBOX Technology it is a safe telescoping TV LIFT. Rack and Pinion lifts can be very dangerous when traveling (unless measures have been taken to sense any interference) the SMARTBOX automatically detects a change in current draw and will STOP and Retract the lift 1″ preventing any serious bodily injury or damage to equipment.
* The telescoping post will retract into a smaller profile than the Rack and Pinion. What this means is that if you are stuck for space, i.e. foot of the bed cabinets that tend to be very low profile, the Telescoping post is a great solution.

I mentioned the SMARTBOX earlier in the article and would like to elaborate a little on it and some of it’s key features.

Two years in the making the SMARTBOX is a product of Activated Décor’s commitment to supply the market a TV LIFT control box that is literally an ALL-IN-ONE.

Typically TV Lift suppliers will piece the controls to a lift together, the 2 biggest parts being the power supply and the customer’s choice of remote control.

At Activated Décor when the SMARTBOX was in the design stage a “wish” list was generated of what the ultimate control box for a TV LIFT would contain, both the end user and professional installers were kept in mind.

Here are just a few advantages and key features of using a SMARTBOX:

Using our supplied ALL-IN-ONE remote control RF, IR , LV, LOW Voltage contact closure or RS232 is available to you STANDARD: After initial set-up you can use our supplied remote, program your own remote or interface to you Home Automation system.

ABB, AUTO BOUNCE BACK, is a built in user adjustable interference feature for a SAFE Lift, it will stop and retract the Lift upon sensing interference while descending.

User programmable set points, total of 4 (UP or UP & Rotated positions)

Out of Cabinet Safety built in, the lift cannot rotate unless clear of cabinet opening so not to damage TV or Cabinet

The SAMRTBOX will automatically ramp up and ramp down speed while traveling to and from set points to save wear and tear on equipment.

If you have questions or would like any additional information feel free to contact me directly at or by calling toll free 1-877-543-8711. Please also take a moment to visit our website at to learn more.

About the author:
Jerry Sorbara is the President and CEO of Activated Décor Inc.

He has over 20 years experience in Industrial Automation having designed, built and integrated Robotic Welding and Material handling systems.

Jerry enjoys crossing over his Industrial technical background into the Home Automation market specifically as it pertains to motorized TV lift systems.