Can you tell us briefly what Andyroid is and what it does?

Andy is an Android Operating System that runs on your computer – essentially making your Android device and all of your apps available on your PC or Mac!  The free downloadable software connects with your Google Play account and syncs your current apps and push notifications providing a seamless connection between your desktop and mobile/tablet devices.  

And with Andy's remote control app you can use your phone as a remote control to play games that require touch-screen or gyro on a larger screen.

Why should a consumer be interested in Andyroid/Andy?

Andy is built with many different types of users in mind:

The Gamer Andy: play your favorite games on a larger screen without the concern of limited space, battery life or upgrading your Android OS to get your hands on the latest games.  Andy will always run with the newest Android OS and even your sister's hand-me-down laptop from college has more storage than your cell… so download away!  Plus the remote control app let's you play games that require gyro and touch-screen.

The Social Andy: stay connected all the time – use SnapChat, KiK, WhatsApp and more directly on your computer. No more back and forth from your mobile to your computer all day.  You'll even get your push notification directly on your desktop! 

The "Saving up for a new phone" Andy: It's an issue that plagues more people than you'd expect… outdated devices won't upgrade to the last Android OS, meaning you can't access new games, upgrades, etc.  Andy will always run with the latest Android OS to keep you up to speed and never missing out due to old hardware.

The "I can't live without my iPhone, but this seems cool" Andy: Remember that remote control app?  Well, it's available for your iPhone.  So, although the apps won't sync to your iOS, you can easily start a Google Play account, and use Android on your computer with your iPhone as a remote control for gyro and touch-screen.  …This might be the first step to converting you to the Android world!

What makes it different than similar products on the market?

Other products on the market don't support the entire Google Play store, although they may access the store not all games are available.  But Andy is a full Android OS: anything available for a Android mobile device is available on Andy.

Competitor products also so not have access to users' computers local file system – this means that you cannot access your desktop files from your Android apps. With Andy you can access your photos, files, etc for use in SnapChat, WhatsApp, KiK, email and more.

And, finally, the remote control that allows use of your phone as a joystick.  No one wants to try to play Angry Birds using click and drag on a mouse, right?  Most mobile apps just aren't build for a non-touch screen playing environment.  The remote control makes Andy a game-changer in the space.

What is the benefit of being able to synch devices the way Andy does?

Only Andy syncs to the users' Google play account through the cloud.  This means that if you got to level 16 on your phone this morning, you're not starting back at level 1 when playing after work on your PC.  Only with Andy are your devices are synced, so you'll never lose that near-perfect score.

What do I need to do to get going with Andyroid?  Is it difficult to set up and use?

All you need is a computer and internet access – go to, download, install and launch from the Andy icon on your desktop!  A mobile device with gyro and touch-screen capabilities is necessary for the remote control app.

Andy is free — how do you generate revenue?

Andy is free for the end-user, but we partner directly with App Developers to help convert their web traffic to mobile downloads, as Andy can be used on their part to enable a mobile app download from any desktop browser direct to Andy (and sync to additional devices).

Why did the company come up with the product?

We saw a large void in the marketplace for a product for the person who uses multiple devices and spends many hours at work and home on a desktop.  With a cluttered mobile app market and minimal app innovation for the desktop, the discussion kept coming back to the OS as a central point for all computing, and how the OS itself could be transformational.

What other new developments does the company have in the works?

Running Andy in the cloud which will allow advertisers to stream "playable" ad spaces.  Essentially, trial playing a game within an actual adspace. This can also be used to allow users to trial and buy paid apps.