The Sweep-Away is a self-contained vacuum cleaner that functions both as an automatic dustpan and powerful central vacuum. It stows away neatly inside a standard kitchen or bathroom cabinet and plugs into a standard wall outlet. The home I installed this in was built in the 1960’s and is 1600 square feet; all flooring in the home is hardwood or tile. The house was built prior to central vacuum systems so this cabinet vacuum is an affordable and effective alternative.
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Installation was very easy from a DIY standpoint. My biggest delay was simply that I did not have all the right tools to saw and drill in tight areas such as the baseboard of a bathroom cabinet. In a nutshell installation involves cutting a hole in the floor of the cabinet and another hole along the baseboard for the “sweep-away” feature of the vacuum. Once holes are cut installation involves connecting the hoses and wiring and attaching the unit. It took me about 1 hour to complete, again had I the right tools for working in such tight places I would have had it completed in half the time.

Once up and running I was very impressed with the power of the vacuum, the “sweep-away” featured really only required to get my pile of dust within a few inches in order to suck it away. You turn the unit on with your toe by sliding the “sweep-away” open and closed. Along with the unit I received the accessories kit, which includes hosing and attachments that transforms the unit into a central vacuum which will reach 30+ feet away.

I couldn’t be happier with the product and would recommend it in two regards, one as Homeowner DIYer. Secondly as a contractor I see a great opportunity to introduce your customers to this product and install it for them, for one thing they will be happy with the Sweep-away Cabinet Vac by Galaxie and secondly with such a simple installation you should be able to generate a great return.