As part of our Home Technology Demonstration for Small Spaces we needed an equipment stand that was compact, stylish and well made. I’d seen ads for this Soundations stand in several magazines and thought it looked so different than others I had seen that I wanted to give them a try.

Lutron Electronics

The folks at Soundations sent us their Broadway model … so new off the line that they don’t even have a photo of it yet. When the pallet arrived with the unit on board I was pretty pleasantly surprised. First of all … it was packed so well (wooden crates) that I needed tools to get at it and secondly it was so heavy I needed help to get it into the room. You may think this is not an asset but rather a liability. Not so. After many years of putting together cheap furniture from chain stores it was a pleasure to realize that this unit was not made of fiberboard and plastic.

Indeed the stand is made of cherry wood, 3/8″ tempered glass and machined and brushed aluminum. The instructions were even easy to follow and it only took a half hour or so to put it together. The stand is flexible in that you can adjust the 3 glass shelves in any configuration you want and once put together there is no worry of it falling apart.

As for looks … simple and elegant is what I call it. As you can see by our layout, there is lots of room for everything that we need and more.

One issue we all face when setting up a home theater system is hiding the wires. At first I thought this was going to be a problem with all the glass and no doors. In fact it worked out fairly well in that I could pull all the wiring behind the main pedestal of the stand and bundle it there. I located the power bar on the floor behind the pedistal as well s as you can see there is only a few visible wires. One suggestion I have for the Soundations folks is that they include some method of cable management on the back of the pedestal. Perhaps a few velcro straps would do the trick.

Overall I’m very pleased with this stand and am certainly not ashamed of it’s appearance in the room. It is a nice addition to the rest of our furniture.

Soundations makes many other beautiful Home Theater stands to choose from including some very contemporary designs such as the Ritz series shown at the top of this review. They have a cool logo too 🙂 MSRP for the “Broadway” model is $899. It will be marketed under Elio brand as a separate but affiliated line; It will be distributed by Executive Traders Worldwide Inc