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Sonance announced a completely redesigned 13-model Symphony in-wall and in-ceiling speaker line that improves the company’s best selling loudspeakers for both home theater and multi-room audio applications.

INDIANAPOLIS, September 9, 2004 – Sonance®, the leader in architectural audio, announced a completely redesigned 13 -model Symphony in -wall and in -ceiling speaker line that improves the company’s best selling loudspeakers for both home theater and multi -room audio applications. New woofer and tweeter materials, larger, more powerful magnets, and acoustic innovations including a tweeter back chamber for smoother sound dispersion have endowed the line with audibly, and measurably, improved performance over previous models. Additionally, all Symphony round speakers now fully pivot to focus the sound field as precisely as possible and maximize placement options.

“We’ve made many substantial improvements to every model, and added several new price points,” said Mitch Witten, Sales & Marketing Vice President. “Everything we’ve done should continue to build on the popularity of the line with our dealers and their customers. The one thing we didn’t change, the products’ footprint, makes it easy for existing customers to upgrade to the improved models.” 

The Symphony line, consisting of five rectangular (in -wall) models and eight round (in -ceiling) models, is based on a 2 -way driver design using a 6.25″ cone woofer and dome tweeter. Two of the round models (S623SSTR and S621SSTR) are designed to receive stereo input connections and reproduce both stereo channels from a single -speaker for applications where space is at a premium. One model (SRS1) is specifically designed to create a wide, diffuse soundfield that is ideal for surround channel applications. 

According to Witten, every speaker in the new Symphony line surpasses its predecessor model in both sound quality and ease of installation. The top rectangular and round models (S625T and S625TR, respectively) feature a new beryllium cone and beryllium tweeter dome, while the S624T, S624TR, S623T and S623TR now all have a carbon fiber woofer cone. The new cones, which are stiffer, lighter and more resilient, provide more accurate sound reproduction and less distortion, especially at higher volumes. 

The two top rectangular speakers, the S625T and S624T, now have a speaker baffle of 3/4″ -thick MDF – the same baffle material used in Sonance’s THX -certified models – to reduce resonance. Both models also feature die -cast aluminum woofer baskets, which provide more precise voice coil alignment and better heat dissipation. The S625T and S624T woofers also include an extended pole piece, which improves power handling, and heat dissipation. 

Larger woofer magnets across the line deliver improved power handling and higher output, and tweeters in all models, except the entry -level S621T and S621TR, have added a back chamber that provides a wider, smoother output for more accurate high frequency performance. 
As with all Sonance products, the new Symphony speakers have been developed with a keen eye towards simplifying installation. The new 4 -point mounting system utilizing our proven RotoLock system reduces installation time by one third. Upgraded connection terminals that accept wire up to 14 -gauge have been added to all models. Retrofitable molded enclosures, or back -boxes, that reduce sound spillover into adjacent rooms, will also be available. The new Symphony line will be available in December 2004. 

The outside dimension of installed Symphony rectangular speakers is 8 1/8` (206mm) x 12 3/16` (310mm). The outside diameter of Symphony round speakers is 9¾` (248mm) x 5 3/16` (132mm). 

Pricing and Availability 

Model Price 
S621T $260
S622T $325 
S623T $450
S624T $675 
S625T $1000 

S621TR $260
S622TR $325 
S623TR $450 
S624TR $675 
S625TR $1000 

S621SSTR $225
S623SSTR $325
SRS1 $525 

Company Information 
Founded in 1984, Sonance of San Clemente, Calif., is a pioneer and leading developer and manufacturer of high -fidelity, whole -home architectural audio products, including in -wall and in -ceiling speakers, subwoofers, amplifiers, whole -house multi -source control systems, cables and other products for distributed audio and home theater applications. 

The company is among the leaders in home audio sales, and offers three brands to serve all segments of the market. Through its Sonance brand, the company is a leader among designers and custom installers of home electronics systems. It also manufactures HomeTech� by Sonance and HiFi Works�, with both brands being sold through retail channels. 

Sonance credits its success to listening to their customers to provide solutions to their custom install needs and delivering superior value and exceptional support. Further information can be obtained by contacting the company at 212 Avenida Fabricante, San Clemente, CA 92672 by calling 1 – 800 -582 -0771, or by visiting 

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