These days everybody wants their home to be smart. Or, they want at least one smart, energy saving appliance to boast about to their family and neighbors.

As a homebuilder, you have an opportunity to convey numerous positive sounding audio messages about your brand – from the quality of your work to the top-quality products that go into your work – throughout your showhome.


Use audio messaging to transform your showhome into a smart home

The growth of the smart home market in terms of dollars is expected to reach $51.77 billion by 2020, with most of that action coming from players in Germany, France, Switzerland, Ireland, and the United States.

Let’s say your showhome comes with the latest smart home systems, devices and gadgets.

A little audio branding (or messaging) can have a big impact on your sales simply by making that all-important emotional first impression and telling your brand’s story every step of the way – through music. Here’s how:

  • As a home builder, your showhome should showcase everything that your brand stands for; think of your company’s core values and ensure that those very same values are carried out throughout the showhome.  

  • Now communicate your brand message to each potential home buyer that comes to your showhome by adding a soundtrack to their experience.

  • Keep in mind that your audio content has to speak to what your brand stands for. In other words, are you secure, comfortable, innovative and inviting? If that’s how you describe or see your brand, then be sure to choose music or sounds that best convey that story.

When music succeeds at making an emotional connection, it creates a bond and helps to tell your story in a way that no human being can.

The music that you choose serves a purpose: brand enhancement

What you don’t want is a group of people dancing on your expensively staged master bedroom furniture, so try not to make the message about the music.

May we suggest…

Here are a few questions and suggestions to help create the best audio content that not only promotes your brand message but also has an impact in your customer’s buying process:

  • How will your audio track help your customer “see their life” in your home?

  • How long do people typically spend visiting your showhome? Be sure to choose enough music and messaging that will stay fresh during their visit.

Use your audio message to prompt the visitors’ imagination with clues as to what it might be like to live in one of your homes. The music could simulate cooking sounds, for example, as a group makes their way through the kitchen.

Fun, light, happy music could be playing near a big window overlooking the back yard. This may help a couple to visualize what it would be like to watch their kids playing with their friends out back.

An audio message shouldn’t intrude upon one’s space; effective audio branding works when it becomes an important part of the experience and immerses the individual into the environment. This is the branding effect that makes a lasting connection. And in this case, that’s the message that sells your home. Over and over again.

Are you ready to tell your brand’s story? Do you need help defining your brand’s sound? Contact the audio branding specialists at GoRave today to book a soundtrack demo.

For more info on audio branding, check out GoRave’s Guide to Effective Audio Messaging.



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