iSmart Alarm, Inc launched products at CES 2013 with the goal of innovating and advancing the home security and smart home space.  With no monthly fees and no contracts, the iSmartAlarm Home Security System provides visibility, control, and safety from anywhere at any time, in the palm of the user's hand.  The system has grown to include door and window sensors, smart switches, multiple iCameras, motion detection, and more.

Which technologies do your products use to communicate with each other and how does it work?

Currently the iSmartAlarm system uses proprietary radio frequency, and Z-Wave and Zigbee is expected available in 2015.

Do your products communicate with products from other manufacturers using a standard protocol?

Currently a closed ecosystem, but IFTTT, Thread, and HomeKit development underway. Z-Wave and Zigbee expansion soon.

What types of devices do you manufacture or provide?

  • Hubs
  • Network Devices
  • Software / Apps
  • Security Devices
  • Lighting and Automation Devices

Can your products be installed by the homeowner or are special skills and tools required?

Install takes less than ten minutes, there is no wiring or drilling needed, and it is easily completed.  Completely DIY with free app.

In a short paragraph or 2 please describe how your products fit into a Smart Home scenario and how they are set up to work together to perform automated tasks.

iSmartAlarm allows every user complete control over their home’s security utilizing the free iSmartAlarm smartphone App. With the CubeOne acting as the brain and managing devices such as motion detectors, door and window sensors, smart outlets, remote controls and panic features, as well as the iCamera and iCamera KEEP video camera models, the iSmartAlarm provides complete home security and home automation capabilities with no monthly fees and no contracts.   Anyone can monitor, set schedules, manage, view, and record activity around and in their home using the user-friendly and customizable iPhone and Android Apps.

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