Can you tell us a bit about your company, your products and where you fit into the Smart Home industry?

Kwikset manufactures and markets a complete line of door locks and door hardware including door knobs, door levers, deadbolts, handlesets, pocket door hardware and electronic keyless entry locks for residential and light commercial applications. For over 60 years, Kwikset has believed innovation is its greatest asset.

In 2013, Kwikset released the industry’s first Bluetooth-enabled smart lock, Kevo. Kevo uses Bluetooth Low Energy 4.0 technology to turn a smartphone into an electronic key (eKey). Kevo locks and unlocks quickly with Touch to Open technology eliminating the need to fumble for keys. Kevo also works with Nest to enable greater home control convenience to homeowners with a Kevo and Nest Learning Thermostat. Homeowners can set their Nest Learning Thermostat to Home and Away modes through the Kevo app.

Kwikset also manufactures a line of electronic deadbolts and levers, SmartCode, which can be used independently or integrated into a Zigbee or Z-Wave home security or home automation system. With a Kwikset SmartCode product, homeowners use custom codes to enter their home with just a few simple pushes of a button. Master code holders can also assign and delete temporary codes at any time. A SmartCode keyless entry lock is easy to install, program and use and operates on 4 AA batteries.

SmartCode products with Home Connect Technology allows the deadbolt or lever to wirelessly speak to other connected products in the home, such as the security system, lighting, thermostat and entertainment system, via Zigbee or Z-Wave protocols.


Which technologies do your products use to communicate with each other and how does it work?

Kwikset SmartCode products with Home Connect Technology are compatible with Zigbee and Z-Wave protocols. The technology can communicate with other connected products such as a security or home automation system, lighting, thermostat and entertainment system. Homeowners can unlock doors via remote control, Web-enabled mobile phone, security system touch panel and/or a secure Internet connection.

Kevo uses Bluetooth Low Energy 4.0 to communicate with compatible smart phones and the Nest Learning Thermostat.


Do your products communicate with products from other manufacturers using a standard protocol?

  • SmartCode: Zigbee or Z-Wave
  • Kevo: Bluetooth Low Energy 4.0


What types of devices do you manufacture or provide?

Door locks and door hardware including door knobs, door levers, deadbolts, handlesets, pocket door hardware and electronic keyless entry locks


Can your products be installed by the homeowner or are special skills and tools required?

All Kwikset products, including electronic keyless entry deadbolts, can be installed and programmed by a homeowner.


In a short paragraph or 2 please describe how your products fit into a Smart Home scenario and how they are set up to work together to perform automated tasks.

Kwikset electronic keyless entry deadbolts, like SmartCode and Kevo products, exist to offer homeowners the convenience of keyless technology manufactured by a company with security at its roots.

SmartCode products with Home Connect Technology enable the door lock to wirelessly communicate with other devices in the home for added convenience and whole home management in one app.

Homeowners using this technology can lock their door from their cell phone, or receive a text message when their child arrives home from school.

Home Connect Technology also allows homeowners to save on their home’s energy usage by setting the system to enter an energy saving mode upon the door locking.

Additional benefits from Home Connect enabled products include the ability to:

  • Check door lock status from the security or home automation system and automatically arm or disarm the security system from the lock
  • Control access to the home by setting up specific times people can enter or by assigning temporary codes
  • Customize the home upon entry by setting lights to automatically turn on, play pre-set music and set temperature

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About Keith Brandon

Keith Brandon is the Vice President, Sales and Marketing for residential access solutions with Spectrum Brands HHI division.  Keith oversees all of the residential electronic lock strategies and initiatives across North America for the market leading residential lock brands of Baldwin, Kwikset, and Weiser locks.  This includes Kevo, the first to market Bluetooth enabled Smart Lock.  He is also responsible for the company’s Home Connect products that deliver industry leading integrated Zigbee and Z Wave lock solutions to the emerging and expanding home automation and security markets