When making the decision to add a projector to your facility it’s important to choose a mount that is easy to install, safe, secure, and enables haste-free maintenance to the projector. Consider the following before selecting your new projector mount:

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A well-functioning projector mount should be easy to install – and enable simple image alignment for a perfect projection on to a screen. Look for a projector mount that comes pre-assembled and includes all the hardware needed for quick installation. Most projector mounts can be directly mounted to the ceiling or can be used with additional accessories for other mounting options. Some mounts have multiple points of adjustment for precise image alignment, while others offer a single point of adjustment for quick image alignment. A few even come with a quick release feature so the projector can be removed easily for lamp or filter replacement and maintenance.


The mount should include safety features to protect both the projector and people around the equipment. Choose a mount that is UL listed, which indicates that it has been tested to hold four times the rated load capacity, ensuring safety. And look for one that includes integrated cable management to hide cords and cables and prevent accidental snagging during projector maintenance. Aside from the safety features designed into the projector mount, be sure the person installing it understands all the instructions included with the mount.


Projector mounts come in a variety of colors and finishes, so you can select a mount that matches the projector or its environment. Some mounts are made with formed sheet metal, while others are constructed out of high-grade aluminum, which delivers an especially stylish look. You may like one that blends in with the extension pole used in a drop application, or one with a low-profile design to keep the projector up and out of view. And be sure to choose a mount with cable management features for a clean, safe and aesthetically pleasing installation.


Anytime costly projection equipment is used in a public location security measures must be taken to prevent theft or vandalism. Mounting products are offered with “passive” security features that range from security screws and locks to heavy-duty cables and full enclosures.

· Level I

Many projector mounts come with security fasteners that require a special wrench to install and remove a projector. Each point of connection is addressed at this level – projector-to-mount and mount-to-ceiling. This is the most commonly used security measure.

· Level II

This level includes theft deterrent cables in conjunction with Level I security fasteners. Some projectors are designed to accept the security cable directly into its chassis, while others require the cable to be wrapped around the carrying handle for use as both a visual and physical deterrent.

· Level III

In addition to security screws and/or cables, multi-level security features — like a key-locking mount that completely protects the mounting fasteners — are used.

· Level IV

When all the above security features just won’t do, a projector enclosure is recommended. Enclosures completely protect the projector while employing the use of visible locks and tamper-proof connections. Some projector enclosures must be installed with the projector mount at the initial install, while others can be retrofitted after installation.

There’s a lot to consider when selecting a projector mount that provides the safety, security, style and appearance that fits your application. There are many projector mount choices available and companies like Peerless are ready to help you and your installer to make the very best projector mount selection.

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