Won’t it be great when you can rest assured your your boat is safe and secure, no matter where it is moored or where you are? Now you can; eSeagull ShipShape is the answer to the many problems marine craft owners are facing today.

eSeagull ShipShape is a boat security, environment monitoring and control system. While a boat is anchored in a marina, vital signs such as flood, fire, intrusion, humidity, temperature, low battery, oil spill and other parameters are monitored. Alerts are immediately generated wirelessly to your specified mobile phone numbers and E-mail addresses. These numbers could be, for example the marina supervisor as well as the mobile phone of the boat owner. Remote control of the power generator, water pump, as well as camera(s) surveillance can be provided over the Internet and the mobile phone network. eSeagull also offers proactive behavior where it keeps users informed of all the desired and abnormal situations at all times.

Customized to suit your needs, Abucco?s AicAAA? (Access to information and control Anytime, Anywhere from Any platform) proprietary technology provides immediate notification of such events as someone boarding your boat, smoke in the cabin or propane leak detected. An optional integrated GPS provides the owner with real-time continuous vessel location tracking and can store several weeks worth of position coordinates. In addition, real-time pictures of your boat and its surroundings can be sent to your MMS capable cell phone or to an E-mail address of your choosing. Event-driven actions such as turning on your generator when low battery voltage is detected and starting the water pump when high water level is detected in the bilge are also available with eSeagull.

abucco also offers similar products for RV security called SecurRV and for summer homes and cottages called IntelliCottage. For additional information visit our website at www.abucco.com