A safe plug and socket electronically equipped has been designed and patented to remove the risk of shock, electrocution, short circuit and electric arc, which are causes of fires and burst dangers in specific environments.

The innovation consists of placing a magnet in the plug and a little reed bulb in the traditional socket. The contacts of the reed bulb are switched off because of the magnetic field generated by the magnet in the plug.

Thanks to this innovation, the socket is not generally under voltage but only when the plug is already connected. In the same way, when the plug is removed, the load lacks power, though jacks are still inserted in the socket’s holes.

It’s a natural ‘cut-out box’ in a power taking point, such as the socket, which is completely new, because in case of direct contact with the internal wire components of the socket, intentional or not, current cannot materially circulate in the human body, so no accident will occur.

Just consider home accidents caused by the current, which, in spite of the efforts made by builders about electric safety, still occurs often, specially when there are kids. (Fig.1 )

Figure 1

Moreover, the safe socket is the ideal solution for high fire risk environments, i.e. factories using inflammable products or, in general, explosive material.

(Fig.2 ) Italian standard socket

(Fig.3) Italian safe socket

(Fig.3) Italian style plug

It’s available in the main national standard such as US, English, German, Italian, French, Australian for home and industrial application. The highest tolerable load is 16A.

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