About Juan Lopez

Juan Lopez is Director of Marketing, Connectivity and Controls at LiftMaster. In this role, Juan is responsible for the commercialization of LiftMaster’s connectivity solutions and controls category.

Before joining LiftMaster, Juan was the Director, eCommerce Strategy and Planning at W.W. Grainger in Lake Forest, Illinois. Juan holds a masters of business administration from Northern Illinois University and a bachelors of science in management from Northeastern Illinois University.  



I think of LiftMaster as a garage door opener manufacturer, how did LiftMaster become involved in the connected home?

LiftMaster is the number 1 brand of professionally installed residential garage door openers and we are constantly innovating to not only move the industry forward, but to give our customers and dealers increased accessibility and convenience. We became a top home connectivity player in 2012 when we launched MyQ®, our proprietary technology that allows consumers to open, close or monitor their garage door from any connected device, anywhere in the world.


What are some of the unique challenges and benefits the connected home offers in terms of safety and security?

Connected home products offer homeowners the ability to consistently be informed and control what is happening in their own home, from the state of their garage door, to internal temperature and even the ability to turn lights off and on. Increased user convenience and the ability to increase homeowners’ peace-of-mind are just a couple of key benefits and reasons why consumers should consider this technology.


What benefits does LiftMaster MyQ offer to its customers?

With MyQ technology, homeowners are able to securely and conveniently monitor, open and close their garage door from any connected phone, tablet or computer, anywhere in the world — whether you’re at work, running errands or on vacation. In addition, homeowners can control their home, garden or garage lighting directly from the MyQ app, meaning they can come home from work and step into a fully-lit home.


Are LiftMaster systems protected from cyber-criminal activity?

The garage door is one of the most frequent access points to the home, requiring a level of security that is the foundation of LiftMaster’s MyQ technology. MyQ uses industry-standard encryption, up-to-date security techniques and periodic testing with respected outside services to keep consumers’ information safe. We understand the desire every business owner and homeowner has to feel secure, and we’re consistently working to drive the innovations needed to meet these demands.


Does MyQ only work with LiftMaster garage door openers?

MyQ is incorporated into all LiftMaster residential garage door openers, the newest line of LiftMaster’s residential and commercial gate operators, and the Logic 5.0 line of commercial door operators. MyQ can also work with almost all garage door openers from major brands, manufactured after 1993, with LiftMaster’s MyQ Garage.


Has LiftMaster partnered with any other providers in the connected home industry?

In the past year, we’ve announced exciting partnerships with several industry leaders, including Nest, alarm.com and Apple HomeKit. With Apple HomeKit, we will be able to provide a simple and easy experience for our customers to securely pair and control devices throughout the home, including the garage door, through integration with Siri. LiftMaster’s MyQ enabled products also work with Nest, meaning consumers can easily and quickly set their Nest Learning Thermostats to “Away” mode when closing the garage door as they leave, and switch back to “Home” mode when opening the garage door upon their return. In addition, consumers are able to view their home temperature by accessing Nest directly from the MyQ app.


What’s next for LiftMaster in the connected home market?

We’re excited for the future of the connected home. We plan to continue developing a number of strategic, multi-channel partnerships to expand MyQ®’s integration capabilities even further, and will continue to look for opportunities to give our consumers the convenience and peace of mind they desire.